1175: How to 10x Your ROI for Lead Gen Using Facebook With Joe Herrera

September 18, 2023

Imagine making $1,000 for every $100 you spend on real estate leads. Today’s guest, Joe Herrera of the Joe Taylor Group, does exactly that with a smart, simple Facebook advertising strategy. Listen and learn how to create viral property ads and how to consistently convert the leads that they generate. Plus, you’ll hear how to hold a team of Realtors accountable, what works best for buyer leads in 2023, and why you should not advertise a property’s price.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • About Joe Herrera [0:41]
  • Why Joe focuses on Facebook for real estate leads [4:43]
  • How to stop playing Zillow’s game [7:50]
  • An argument for not listing a property’s price [9:24]
  • Determining lead spend based on agents’ needs [12:55]
  • What to expect when you start running ads on Facebook [15:13]
  • How soon you’ll know whether or not a real estate ad is working [19:29]
  • How leads come in when running Facebook ads [21:34]
  • Why Zillow isn’t the right fit for Joe’s real estate business [24:49]
  • Focusing on the why instead of the what when working buyer leads [27:59]
  • Building the right relationship with potential clients [29:23]
  • What the 9-6-6 follow-up schedule looks like [31:50]
  • Joe’s coaching and lead-gen program for busy real estate agents [33:16]
  • Common conversion mistakes [36:45]
  • The difference between customer service and sales [39:51]
  • How to hold real estate agents accountable [41:40]
  • Joe’s real estate goals for the next few years [45:41]
  • The most relevant voice in real estate [49:16]

Joe Herrera

Joe Herrera is a multifaceted individual who seamlessly blends passion and responsibility into his various roles. As a keynote speaker, coach, mentor, lead generator, podcast host, and associate broker of Real Broker, Herrera’s enthusiasm for his work is contagious.

With more than a decade of experience as a lead conversion coach, Herrera has an impressive track record of generating more than 10,000 leads annually. His exceptional team, the Joe Taylor Group, closes an outstanding 1,000 units each year, expanding its presence to seven locations across North America. Notably, Herrera has graced the stage as a featured keynote speaker at prestigious real estate events across the U.S. and Mexico, sharing his expertise and insights.

In addition to his accomplishments in real estate industry, Herrera’s entrepreneurial spirit shines as he owns and operates several businesses specializing in investment and lead generation. His commitment to helping others extends further through his dedicated Velocity coaching business, where he pays it forward by guiding and supporting aspiring professionals.

As a Las Vegas area REALTOR®, Herrera understands the significance of buying or selling a home as a major life event for his clients. Beyond being a salesperson, he embraces his role as a trusted guide, providing unparalleled support and expertise throughout the process.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Herrera remains deeply connected to his community and family. He devotes his time to various acts of service, always ready to give back to those in need. An avid golfer, Herrera enjoys spending quality time with his kids, hitting the links at his favorite golf courses across the country.

Joe Herrera’s story is one of dedication, ambition, and genuine care for others – a testament to his remarkable character and the positive impact he brings to both the real estate industry and his community.

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