1176: Building Real Relationships With Real Estate Investors: Connor Anderson

September 21, 2023

Realtor Connor Anderson has a “friends first, clients second” policy that helps him sell homes without being salesy. In the last 12 months, he’s closed 32 transactions. On today’s podcast, he shares how he did it. In addition to the power of real relationships, Connor covers buying leads from BiggerPockets, working with investors, and setting expectations with buyer clients.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Starting real estate in a new market [3:02]
  • Why Grand Rapids is a great market to invest in [3:40]
  • A great way to hit the ground running as a real estate agent [4:55]
  • Transitioning from a team to a solo real estate business [6:59]
  • Where Connor gets his real estate leads [7:43]
  • BiggerPockets real estate leads [8:21]
  • Running real estate meet ups [11:57]
  • Advice for following up with real estate leads [15:16]
  • Friends first, clients second [19:18]
  • Splitting personal and professional content on social media [21:54]
  • Playing the long game with prospects [23:32]
  • How to handle first-time home buyers: Connor’s process [24:10]
  • Weeding out time wasters [27:26]
  • Solving problems when under contract [29:53]
  • Setting expectations with buyer clients [31:21]
  • Leveraging a transaction coordinator to get more deals done [33:22]
  • A simple gift for football fans [36:36]
  • Connor’s real estate goals and plans [38:24]
  • Advice for new real estate agents [40:46]

Connor Anderson

Connor Anderson, full time realtor focusing on helping investors and first time home buyers build wealth through real estate. Owning real estate has had such a massive impact on his life and financial well being and he wants to help others do the same. Connor likes being able to work with clients and be very hands on with their real estate education so they can be prepared for long term success. He owns 3 properties himself and plans to continue to buy one to two deals a year. Former BiggerPockets employee. Outside of real estate Connor really enjoys golfing, skiing, and running. Instagram is @ConnorTAnderson.

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