780: Other Money-Making Opportunities for Real Estate Professionals with Joseph McCabe

April 26, 2019

For someone who has only been in real estate five years, Joseph McCabe sure has an impressive list of accomplishments. Not only has Joseph built his own highly successful real estate team, he started a mortgage company, a title company, and an insurance company. Plus, he purchased 100 rental properties that now net him over $15,000 per month. On today’s podcast, Joseph gives valuable details on money-making opportunities that exist in real estate outside of selling homes. Listen and learn how to create additional revenue streams using the skills and experience you already have.

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Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Joseph’s brief bio [2:40]
  • How Joseph got started in real estate [6:10]
  • The two ways to make big money in real estate [9:23]
  • How to start a title company without spending any money [12:07]
  • Why Joseph switched to RE/MAX [13:47]
  • An aggressive (but effective) strategy for recruiting agents [17:45]
  • Joseph’s value proposition [24:28]
  • The program that changed Joseph’s team [28:00]
  • How Joseph started a mortgage company [28:42]
  • How to get people with abysmal credit approved for a home loan [33:55]
  • A service for sending letters of intent in seconds [39:19]
  • How Joseph bought 100 properties at once [39:54]
  • What Joseph nets per month on his 100 rentals [42:24]
  • Joseph’s biggest money makers [43:33]
  • How Joseph plans to start a private equity fund [50:00]
  • Joseph’s donation to the Agent Success Toolbox [53:23]
  • How to break through your goals.
  • Plus so much more.

Joseph McCabe

At the age of 22, Joseph McCabe opened RE/MAX Experts, with the goal of doing things different and better than all of the other cookie cutter brokers out there. Joseph McCabe is a Graduate of Father Judge High School, and Penn State University, and a Veteran of the US Army. He and his team service the entire States of PA and NJ with Specialists in both the residential and commercial sectors. They have found a home on Main Street in Manayunk a thriving and rapidly growing section of Philadelphia and a good middle point for them to service clients wherever they may be. They call themselves Experts because that’s what they strive to be always learning, always growing, and always helping people achieve their real estate goals. From Pittsburgh to the Jersey Shore they’ve got you covered.

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