Kings Table Ep. 18: What Does It Mean to Be an American?

December 8, 2023

Special guest Mike McCarthy joins us today for an open discussion on what it really means to be an American. On this episode of The Kings Table Podcast, we talk about the problems plaguing the US and the actions we can take as individuals to fix them. In line with this topic, we touch on strengthening the family unit, breaking the cycle of bad decisions, and tapping into the drive that made America great.

Other discussions include why we’re NOT confident that the Fed will reduce rates next year and what the world’s greatest leaders rely on to make major decisions.

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Meet the hosts:

1. Mike (The Sage) Ayala is an accomplished investor, speaker, and podcast host, who stands at the helm of Investing for Freedom, guiding busy professionals and entrepreneurs toward the path of genuine liberation and optimal living.
2. Ashish (Hostess with the Most-est) Nathu is a founder and CEO, entrepreneur, real estate investor, triathlete, and host of the Rich Equation Podcast.
3. Matt (Hero of Hospitality) Aitchison is a distinguished real estate investor, captivating speaker, and committed philanthropist.
4. Aaron (The Trend Spotter) Amuchastegui is a seasoned real estate virtuoso with a remarkable track record of over 1,000 house transactions, predominantly acquired through astute foreclosure purchases at courthouse auctions.

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