1197: Sphere Marketing Simplified: Easy Ways to Win Business With Dan Gomer

December 7, 2023

Simplify lead generation and start closing more deals! Dan Gomer joins us on today’s Real Estate Rockstars to share how he went from struggling newbie to award-winning agent via simplification. Dan covers the simple sphere-marketing tactics that worked for him and explains exactly how to replicate his success. Shelby and Dan also discuss daily schedule, motivation, and having faith in the real estate processes that others have already proven to be effective.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • About Dan Gomer and his start in real estate [1:41]
  • The challenges of building a new real estate business [3:26]
  • What it took to finally achieve financial success [6:51]
  • Focusing on everything and accomplishing nothing [9:59]
  • Why Dan loves generating leads via networking [15:19]
  • Building relationships to build your business [17:43]
  • How to win over new real estate prospects [19:37]
  • To CRM, or not to CRM, that is the question [21:22]
  • Why you shouldn’t be a secret real estate agent [23:07]
  • How to stay in flow with your sphere [26:42]
  • Two simple ways to win deals from your SOI [27:57]
  • Identifying your “tokens” [31:03]
  • Tips and tricks for calling your sphere [32:55]
  • Dan’s daily schedule [40:03]
  • The people who support Dan’s business: his real estate team [42:23]
  • Simplifying strategies for more success [44:47]
  • What motivation really means and finding your why [47:50]
  • Where to find and follow Dan Gomer [50:46]

Dan Gomer

Dan Gomer is an educator, coach, and serial entrepreneur whose mission is to help people discover their own unique definition of success. Having spent many years merging a note-worthy career in education, with a success real estate business, Dan has a rare ability to help others shift their perspectives, align their profession with their purpose, and attain the fulfillment that comes with a purpose-driven lifestyle. His mantra is simple: He helps people clarify what they truly want, so that they can live in the serenity of their highest vision, for their lives.

Avoiding the mundane, Dan Gomer combines his tenacity for life, with a passion for education, achievement, and community involvement. His intrinsic leadership has been proven boundless. Currently, he is a co-leader of the Super Agents Collaborative and a team leader for Dan’s Home Team both based in Denver, Colorado with agents in multiple states. He has a goal of growing his real estate team to over 500 agents so he can continue to teach others how to be successful both personally and professionally.

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-Aaron Amuchastegui

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