The Kings Table Episode 9 – Understanding Inflation, Consumer Spending, and Wealth Creation

October 6, 2023

Welcome to Episode 9 of The Kings Table Podcast, a captivating new show hosted by Ashish, Mike, Aaron, and Matt. Join us for an unfiltered, authentic experience as we gather weekly to delve into the raw discussions that drive our lives, businesses, economics, and the world.

Meet the hosts:

1. Mike (The Sage) Ayala is an accomplished investor, speaker, and podcast host, who stands at the helm of Investing for Freedom, guiding busy professionals and entrepreneurs toward the path of genuine liberation and optimal living.
2. Ashish (Hostess with the Most-est) Nathu is a founder and CEO, entrepreneur, real estate investor, triathlete, and host of the Rich Equation Podcast.
3. Matt (Hero of Hospitality) Aitchison is a distinguished real estate investor, captivating speaker, and committed philanthropist.
4. Aaron (The Trend Spotter) Amuchastegui is a seasoned real estate virtuoso with a remarkable track record of over 1,000 house transactions, predominantly acquired through astute foreclosure purchases at courthouse auctions.

In this episode, we navigate the complex terrain of economics, wealth building, and real estate investment. We launch into a comprehensive discussion on inflation, dissecting its impact on the purchasing power of the US dollar, particularly since the creation of the Federal Reserve. We explore how inflation and leveraged debt play pivotal roles in wealth building and empower you to take control of your financial future. We share our observations regarding real estate investing trends and explore the concept of finding opportunities amidst crises.

Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of inflation, wealth creation, and the intricate world of real estate investment.


00:39 – Kicked off the episode with the topic of inflation
06:35 – The purchasing power of the US dollar since the creation of the Federal Reserve
19:15 – Impact of inflation and leverage debt in wealth building, understanding the system so you can be in control
27:28 – How people wanting to build wealth see or think about inflation
34:34 – Make more fake money and invest it in real assets
50:24 – Observations of what each of the hosts is seeing from people on the topic of real estate investing
1:05:34 – Don’t waste a crisis, learn to see opportunities in times of crisis
1:08:31 – Union negotiations
1:27:27 – Investing in real estate
1:32:33 – Creative ways to structure deals

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