1180: How to Double Your Business in a Down Market With Philip Kang

October 5, 2023

Hear how to maximize agents’ production while minimizing expenses on this Real Estate Rockstars. Today’s guest, Philip Kang, runs a real estate team that’s crushing it in one of California’s most competitive markets. Despite the fact that transactions are down this year, they’ve doubled their business. Philip shares the systems, the software, and the strategies that made it possible; he even offers a comprehensive guide to hiring low-cost real estate virtual assistants for everything from marketing to coordinating transactions.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Real estate virtual assistants [1:39]
  • Where to find and hire virtual assistants [3:49]
  • Big benefits to hiring virtual assistants for transaction management [5:47]
  • How to determine what to hire out [8:24]
  • Setting yourself up for success with an easy-to-duplicate process [11:40]
  • Choosing the right virtual assistant [12:19]
  • What it costs to hire a full-time virtual assistant [13:31]
  • The time it takes to train up a real estate VA [14:49]
  • Cost comparisons between local hires and VAs [15:47]
  • How to know when someone isn’t the right fit [16:31]
  • Tracking every aspect of lead gen and conversion [17:42]
  • Lead-gen activities and tracking [18:57]
  • Sisu: Software for tracking every aspect of your business [24:02]
  • Capitalizing on vendor partnerships [27:53]
  • What a large marketing budget translates to in sales volume [32:57]
  • Alternatives to spending big on marketing [34:02]
  • Finding a target audience in your market [35:14]
  • Doubling production in a down market [36:18]
  • Philip’s plans for 2024 [36:54]
  • Putting yourself in front of the people who will help you grow [37:07]
  • Philip Kang’s advice for real estate agents: invest in yourself [39:01]
  • Where to find and follow Philip Kang [40:01]

Philip Kang

Philip Kang is the team leader of the HomeReady Team at Real Broker. He has been full-time in real estate for the past 10 years and has sold over 350 million in real estate. This year, their market is down 33% but their team will do more than double their volume from their previous year. The av-erage agent on their team has closed 8 million in volume, year to date, and will end the year at over 12 million per agent. Philip is most proud of the fact that they are posting strong numbers while he is almost out of production and having the worst personal production year since 2014 in terms of unit count.

The key to their growth has been having complete alignment of their business model and financial model. Their competitive advantage is their ability to continuously tap into their database, leverage, and grow the skillset of their team members. The biggest breakthrough for Philip has been getting into proximity with incredible mentors who have helped him to break through.

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-Aaron Amuchastegui

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