1188: Systems & Structure to Crush It Amidst Chaos With Kristen Beahm

November 2, 2023

Listen and learn how to crush it in a chaotic industry like real estate. Today’s guest, Kristen Beahm, structured her real estate business around systems, and she’s here to share how. Kristen covers team building, task tracking, and more. She even talks about her biggest takeaway from a recent Tom Ferry conference—tracking your input to control the output. Don’t miss it!

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • About Kristen Beahm [1:41]
  • How Kristen got into real estate [2:18]
  • Experience vs. time in real estate [4:23]
  • Tips on building a real estate team [7:16]
  • Why you shouldn’t bring on an agent too early [8:01]
  • Templates and tools for automating real estate processes [9:36]
  • Download Kristen’s templates for FREE here [11:00]
  • How to get started with systems [12:02]
  • The biggest mistake new Realtors make [15:13]
  • What Asana and Notion are and how they can help you stay organized [16:40]
  • Other tech tools Kristen recommends [19:35]
  • Keeping communication simple with a small team [22:42]
  • Team members who help get real estate deals done [23:44]
  • Where to find your first few hires [26:07]
  • Where Kristen’s team gets real estate leads [27:27]
  • Times to touch contacts to stay top of mind [28:53]
  • What Kristen is working on in her business right now [32:16]
  • A different type of advice for new real estate agents [35:24]
  • A tip from last year’s Tom Ferry conference [39:16]
  • Where to find and follow Kristen Beahm [42:33]

Kristen Beahm

Kristen Beahm co-founded the KB Collective Real Estate team in 2018. Since then, she’s led her team to become the Top Producing Team at Worth Clark Realty every year (2018-2022). With over $145,000,000 sold and over 500 clients served, their team is one of the Top 50 Realtors® in the St. Louis area, and is proud of the small difference they’ve been able to make in the community with a donation with every hold sold to Angels’ Arms, an organization dedicated to supporting local foster kids and families.

Kristen serves residential clients expanding from first time home buyers, buy & hold investors, new construction clients, sellers, and luxury property owners primarily across St. Louis and St. Charles Counties. She is committed to providing every one of her clients an exceptional experience, regularly striving to simplify the process for the, ‘WOW’ them along the way, and raise the bar in the industry. Her latest accomplishment was being named as part of this year’s 30 Under 30 Class with the National Association of REALTORS.

Kristen grew up just outside of St. Louis, and studied Finance & Real Estate at the University of Missouri. Shortly after graduation, she purchased her first home, which is now leveraged as a cash-flowing rental property. She currently resides in Wildwood with her husband Christopher, daughter Dorothy, and dog Sake. You can often find them at the local CrossFit gym, outside at a local park or trail, or exploring St. Louis’s food and drink scene.

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