1194: Real Estate Facebook Groups With Laura Griffin

November 27, 2023

Hear how to generate your own real estate leads for free via Facebook groups on today’s podcast with Laura Griffin! In this interview, Laura tells listeners how to set up real estate Facebook groups, how to moderate them, and how to win business from those who join. Laura and Shelby discuss the various ways to grow a group, what information to capture, and more in this comprehensive guide to generating leads via social media.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • About Laura Griffin [2:02]
  • Generating real estate leads without focusing on real estate [4:33]
  • Tips on setting up a Facebook group for real estate leads [6:41]
  • Information to capture from new Facebook group members [9:42]
  • Browser extensions for building a Facebook group [11:35]
  • Welcoming new members to your real estate Facebook group [14:39]
  • Rules that will help you run your Facebook group [17:56]
  • Whether or not to let other real estate professionals into your group [20:06]
  • Group guides for buyers, sellers, and more [21:42]
  • Ways to grow your real estate Facebook group [26:29]
  • Contests for generating potential clients [28:57]
  • Group analytics for catered content [32:25]
  • How a content calendar can help you with consistent content [35:41]
  • A great post for digging data out of your real estate group [38:15]
  • Promoting listings via your Facebook group [41:31]
  • Why people leave real estate Facebook Groups [43:13]
  • What most people miss when creating a Facebook group [44:41]
  • Laura Griffin’s real estate coaching program [45:35]
  • Where to find and follow Laura Griffin [47:36]
  • The great thing about Facebook groups [49:13]

Laura Griffin

Laura Griffin is an expert at leveraging Facebook Groups for lead generation in her real estate business.  With over 15+ years in the real estate industry she has leveraged the power of her local Mom Facebook Group with over 10K moms into her main lead generation source creating over $20+ million dollars a year in sales.  As a result of her Facebook Group she has been honored to be recognized as a Top Producer in the Northern Virginia Association Of Realtors® year after year.  She now teaches other agents how to use the power of Facebook Groups as a FREE lead generation tool in their business by coaching other agents and her course on Facebook Groups.

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-Aaron Amuchastegui

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