1195: From Retail Sales to Real Estate Success With Landon Stone

November 30, 2023

Does retail sales experience translate to real estate? If the success of today’s guest, Landon Stone, is any indication, it certainly can! Landon’s team doubled their business in a market that’s down 40 percent. And his first year in the business, he closed 33 deals. Listen and learn how to start your real estate career with strong sales and how to scale your success with a team. Landon and Shelby also discuss FSBOs, expired listings, high-value clients, and more.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Landon Stone’s transition from retail to real estate [2:19]
  • Landon on selling his first flip [6:03]
  • Why Landon decided to become a real estate agent [7:31]
  • How Landon closed 33 homes his first year in real estate [9:32]
  • The one goal to focus on when calling cold leads [13:28]
  • From FSBOs to expired listings [17:39]
  • How to get referrals and the conversations to have with cold leads [19:27]
  • Why Landon Stone almost quit real estate after a successful start [22:22]
  • Advice on starting a real estate team [26:37]
  • What Landon’s real estate team looks like now [28:27]
  • Winning business in a down market [33:00]
  • Determining your average ticket and increasing it [36:41]
  • Where to find high-value clients [38:16]
  • Resources for doing deals [41:06]
  • Landon’s advice for real estate agents [43:44]
  • Landon’s plans for growing his real estate business [49:36]
  • Where to find and follow Landon Stone [52:23]

Landon Stone

Landon Stone is BORO Realty Group’s CEO, Founder, & Team Leader! He’s driven & passionate about helping those around him make all the right moves! Landon, born and raised in Texas, relocated to the Greensboro, NC area after graduating from Texas Tech University. With a history of working in sales, the ambition of an entrepreneur, and a dream of designing a life to be proud of, Landon found himself starting his career in Real Estate. His mission is to advise his clients at a high level of expertise with a goal to help all of his clients build and maintain long-term wealth. As a General Contractor and Real Estate Investor, he adds an additional dimension of value being able to help clients make design and rehab decisions based on the value it brings to their properties. He strives to impress, push boundaries and help those around him grow into the people they desire.

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