LGS 2: Generate New Leads as a Local Area Expert With Courtney Hatfield

March 9, 2023

You’re not just a real estate expert. On today’s Let’s Get Social, Courtney Hatfield explains how to become the local expert via social media. Hear how to become a resource for people interested in your area and how to win their business as a result. Courtney also gives listeners a quick-start guide to real estate newsletters, which includes tips on choosing content, finding templates, and evaluating marketing platforms.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • How to position yourself as an expert on your area [5:38]
  • Advice on promoting content via the various social platforms [7:43]
  • A way to create a wealth of varied content in just one day [11:21]
  • Advice on titling your community highlights [12:00]
  • Fun ideas on what to include in a monthly newsletter [12:39]
  • How Follow Up Boss makes it easy to manage a monthly real estate newsletter [15:02]
  • What to do with your first few real estate newsletters [16:22]
  • How to express that you’re not just a real estate expert [18:11]
  • Where to find newsletter templates [20:04]

Courtney Hatfield

Courtney Hatfield fell into team leadership by happenstance but in their first year built one of the top 3% teams in NE, Ohio. Courtney did this by being authentic, consistent and selective. Authentic content, consistent in her routine, follow up & socials. She is selective about who she brings on the team because culture matters.

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