1185: 50 Closings/Year Thanks to Client Appreciation: Realtor Mary Harmon Young

October 23, 2023

If you like loving on clients and hate pestering prospects, you won’t want to miss this podcast. Today’s guest, Mary Harmon Young, closes 50 homes per year by focusing on client appreciation, not cold calling. Listen and learn about the client-care strategies Mary utilizes to stay top of mind and at the top of her market. Mary and Shelby also discuss follow up and offer time-saving tips for Realtors who are just as busy at home as they are selling homes.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • About Mary Harmon Young and Tuscaloosa, AB [1:38]
  • Using Google Docs as a CRM [5:37]
  • Event ideas for current and potential clients [7:50]
  • Easy-to-update information packets for real estate clients [13:53]
  • Why Mary doesn’t cold call and what she considers as an alternative [18:46]
  • A great resource for real estate agents who want to get on YouTube [20:43]
  • Time-saving tactics for solo Realtors [22:27]
  • Taking time to live your own life [24:51]
  • What BombBomb offers over other video platforms [27:38]
  • Why you should stop being scared of authenticity [32:34]
  • Sending clients Instacart deliveries [33:31]
  • Prioritizing tasks when time is limited [39:29]
  • When real handwritten notes are appropriate [41:04]
  • Where to find and follow Mary Harmon Young [43:19]
  • The right mindset for success in real estate [43:48]
  • Subscribers you don’t want on YouTube [45:59]

Mary Harmon Young

Mary Harmon Young is an award-winning, nationally recognized realtor in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. With over a decade of experience in real estate, Mary Harmon holds a Broker license along with multiple real estate designations and accreditations, including ABR, SRES, SFR, CRS, RCC CNHS, e-PRO.

Known for her warm-hearted, generous and personal approach to real estate, Mary Harmon began practicing in 2008 and rapidly shot to fame as one of the nation’s rising real estate stars. The young realtor was awarded the Arthur B. Pope Education Achievement Award (locally and state-wide), was named as one of The University of Alabama’s Top 30 Graduates in Arts & Sciences, and most importantly, was named one of the top Agents in the U.S. on the National Realtors Association’s ’30 Under 30’ list in REALTOR Magazine.

Merging together her passion for helping others with her love of her hometown, Mary Harmon’s integrity and family-oriented attitude to real estate has made a lasting impact on her community. She’s widely regarded as the local go-to for people who need help. For the holidays, Mary Harmon recently put together an ‘Elf Emergency List’ of referrals — a personally vetted recommendation list of local services and contractors to help her clients with everything from house cleaning to financial planning.

Whether she’s building professional relationships or hosting charity drives, Mary Harmon has become the go-to realtor for a steady stream of loyal clients who value her expertise, her friendship — and of course, her amazing gifts. It’s all about client appreciation for the realtor, who enjoys surprising her clients with thoughtful presents throughout the year. The award-winning Tuscaloosa realtor says: “People like to do business with people that they know and respect. I love helping people!”

Mary Harmon is now focused on evolving her real estate practice and building an even better client experience by blending technology with her signature personal touch. It’s a new future for real estate — and Mary Harmon Young is leading the way in Tuscaloosa.

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