1186: Conversations That Convert and Real Estate Authority With Alan Stewart Jr.

October 26, 2023

Start closing more contacts with conversations that convert! Today’s guest, Alan Stewart Jr., has mastered the art of conversation and joins us to share tips on converting potential clients. Alan also discusses the steps Realtors should take in order to become real estate authorities, the best measure of success, and the value in finding your why. Tune in and learn how to turn your next conversation into a business opportunity!

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Why Alan Stewart Jr. got into real estate [2:20]
  • The value in finding your why [5:22]
  • A better way to measure success: The Six Cs [9:59]
  • Three categories for increasing conversion [14:24]
  • Why it can be difficult to win business from friends and family [16:13]
  • One way to become an authority figure instantly [19:07]
  • Why niching down is a great strategy for building your business [20:33]
  • Developing skills in a specific subject matter [22:50]
  • Creating a database of your ideal clients [26:32]
  • Identifying sources for sales [27:40]
  • The three parts of conversations [31:27]
  • How seemingly forced conversation starters can work [33:59]
  • Getting good at conversations in order to convert [36:21]
  • Getting better at social cues [38:29]
  • Establishing a high-quality follow-up sequence [40:21]
  • Alan’s advice on real estate CRMs [43:15]
  • Alan Stewart Jr.’s upcoming book, Becoming More [43:46]
  • Where to find and follow Alan Stewart Jr. [46:18]
  • Overcoming call reluctance to build your skills [49:57]

Alan Stewart Jr.

Alan Stewart Jr. started in Real Estate in Late 2015. In 2016, he founded a brokerage out of a basement Called Yellowbrick where he was the only agent. Since then, he has grown the brokerage from himself and a partner to nearly 100 agents and does over 300 million in annual sales volume. The brokerage currently sits at number 15 in the State of CT in both units sold and Volume sold.

He was Realtor of the Year in 2017. He has coached hundreds of agents and responsible for dozens for becoming nationally top-producing Realtors.

In 2021, he founded ASK insurance which currently has over 70 Carriers and a book of business of over 2 million dollars. He is a Real Estate investor that has flipped over 100 properties and owns a few million dollars in rental properties. Alan will say his biggest accomplishment is being a dedicated and present single father of his son, Alan Stewart III.

Alan believes in living a large life through faith, self-improvement and disciplined consistency so he can give MORE, that is why he helps raise 10’s of thousands of dollars for charity every single year for the last half decade for a variety of causes.

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-Aaron Amuchastegui

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