1229: Real Estate Agents: Stop Complaining and Start Executing – Matt Chick

April 4, 2024

Yes, it’s harder to sell real estate right now, but complaining isn’t going to do you or your business any favors. On today’s podcast with Matt Chick, we dish out some tough love to agents before offering several tips for getting deals done now. Matt also outlines a simple strategy for getting sellers to sign with you on the spot. Other topics touched on in this podcast include real estate scripts, follow up, and why morning routines are a waste of time.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • What you’ll learn in today’s Real Estate Rockstars Podcast [0:00]
  • What struggling real estate agents should do right now [1:45]
  • How to master difficult real estate conversations [3:38]
  • A simple strategy for coming up with real estate scripts [5:38]
  • Why real estate professionals must practice scripts [7:17]
  • Matt Chick’s follow-up process [9:46]
  • How to follow up with cold real estate leads [11:18]
  • Why (and how) Matt uses two real estate CRMs [13:17]
  • What it takes to ensure your agents are hungry for leads [15:18]
  • One of the biggest challenges of operating under eXp Realty [17:47]
  • The biggest mistakes agents make when contacting potential clients [19:58]
  • The Four-Square Method: Matt’s strategy for getting contracts signed [25:24]
  • Why you should always prepare [33:03]
  • How small wins give you the energy to achieve massive victories [34:08]
  • Going all in on real estate [37:35]
  • Your morning routine might be getting in the way [41:47]
  • How Matt lost 55 lbs via the carnivore diet [45:10]
  • Matt’s real estate goals [49:40]
  • Matt Chick’s real estate team and business structure [51:13]
  • Where to follow Matt Chick and how to partner with him on deals [1:01:47]

Matt Chick

Get to know Matt Chick, an inspiring entrepreneur who overcame challenges to achieve remarkable success. He started from a tough place but turned his life around and became a role model for resilience. Matt ran four dealerships that made millions of dollars each year. In 2017, he switched to real estate and formed his own team in 2018. His team quickly became one of the fastest-growing in Arizona in 2019. In the last four years, Matt has sold over 1,000 homes and flipped more than 100 houses, showing his skill in real estate investing. He’s not only in the housing business but also owns a VA staffing company, a nail salon, and a real estate investing company that now invest across the nation. Matt’s journey proves that with determination and embracing change, anything is possible.

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