1169: How to 8x Your Real Estate Sales in 12 Months With Matt Tallent

August 21, 2023

Today’s guest, Matt Tallent, took his real estate sales from $1,000,000 to $8,000,000 in just 12 months! On this Real Estate Rockstars, we discuss the habits, the strategies, and the systems that an agent needs to rapidly scale sales. Matt also shares his experience with Tom Ferry’s coaching program, what it’s like transitioning from leases to listings, and how to build a real estate business based on SOI. Don’t miss it!

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • How Matt Tallent got into real estate [1:21]
  • Quitting a W-2 job for a new career as a Realtor [3:12]
  • Matt’s first year as a full-time real estate agent [5:44]
  • Transitioning from leases to listings [9:07]
  • Having 20 real estate conversations per day [10:26]
  • Working in sales without sales experience [11:37]
  • Two transformational books for entrepreneurs [12:54]
  • Building a business based on SOI [14:04]
  • Sources for real estate leads [14:56]
  • Conversations to conversions [16:39]
  • A tool for tracking conversions [18:23]
  • Coaching and the cost of doing it via Tom Ferry’s program [19:40]
  • Matt’s current CRM and how he uses it [25:31]
  • Matt’s daily routine and social calendar [27:01]
  • Systems for leverage and why you should hire out tasks [29:26]
  • Matt’s vision for the next few years [32:39]
  • Shelby’s thoughts on running a large real estate team [34:10]
  • Matt’s words of wisdom for new real estate agents [36:05]
  • Where to find and follow Matt Tallent [37:19]

Matt Tallent

Matt’s background in construction and real estate investing gives him a unique perspective to serve his clients. Matt not only understands what work homes will need but what his clients need also. His main concern is responsiveness to his clients in this important step in life.

Matt not only helps his clients find their dream home. Matt loves keeping in touch with his clients and helping them find contractors with any home projects they may have.
In his free time he loves designing homes, gardening, going to concerts, and biking!

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-Aaron Amuchastegui

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