1100: How to Run a Real Estate Business While Working a Full-Time Job – Matt Witte

November 28, 2022

Matt Witte has been a full-time teacher since 1999, and that didn’t change when he started his real estate business in 2012. Despite the fact that he’s still teaching full time, he sold 42 homes himself just last year. On today’s podcast, Matt shares how he’s able to run a real estate business while working a full-time job, why he decided to start a team, and where he plans to take his real estate career. Matt and Elliot Hoyte also discuss ways to show clients that you care, offer advice on bringing in new business, and more.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • About Matt Witte [1:46]
  • How Matt balances two full-time jobs [2:14]
  • Why Matt got into real estate [3:19]
  • Making sales without being salesy [4:51]
  • The stigma associated with being a part-time real estate agent [6:27]
  • Matt’s first year in real estate [7:22]
  • Matt’s favorite platform for real estate leads [8:48]
  • Another fan of Follow Up Boss [9:30]
  • About The Matt Witte Team [10:00]
  • The transition from solo agent to team leader [12:37]
  • Similarities between teaching and real estate [13:48]
  • What Matt’s day looks like [15:36]
  • Massachusetts’ real estate markets [17:54]
  • Working with clients from different geographic locations [20:22]
  • Being assertive with your clients [22:17]
  • Crouching Tiger, Hidden Agent [23:28]
  • The challenges of working in education [24:45]
  • Matt’s real estate goals [30:35]
  • Elliot’s thoughts on short-term rentals [32:33]
  • Supplementing commissions with coaching [35:43]
  • A system for streamlining tasks your clients must do before closing [38:50]
  • Ways to show clients that you care [43:00]
  • Ways to generate referrals from other real estate agents [47:12]
  • The Real Estate Rockstars Mastermind [49:23]
  • Getting on the first page of Google [51:58]
  • Where to find and follow Matt Witte and Elliot Hoyte [54:50]

Matt Witte

The Matt Witte Team is your one stop shop for all of your real estate needs. Not only is Matt Witte a high producing Realtor in North Andover MA he has also resided in the North Andover area for over 30 years. Matt’s specialties include: Buyer’s Agent, Listing Agent, Relocation, Consulting.

50% of Matt’s clients are teachers! A number of his family members are educators and he has a true appreciation for what they have contributed to their communities. You can trust that their core values are embedded in Matt’s overall approach to real estate. He considers his buyers and sellers to be family and he has enjoyed working as a Realtor since 2010. Feel free to call/text/email Matt so you can work together to meet your real estate needs. No pressure! Calls returned within minutes, not hours!

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