1099: Prepare for Life’s Curveballs With Better Business Organization – Rachel Snodgrass

November 21, 2022

Running a real estate business is challenging even under the best of circumstances. When life throws you a curveball, it can be impossible—if you’re not organized. On today’s podcast with Rachel Snodgrass, we discuss how she built a real estate business that continues to thrive as she undergoes treatment for cancer. Tune in for tips on building a bulletproof business and advice for agents of all experience levels. Rachel and Stephanie also discuss the power of a positive mindset.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • About Rachel Snodgrass [5:14]
  • The power of a positive mindset [6:41]
  • Reaching out to clients and colleagues when life throws a curveball [8:16]
  • Alternative tasks to tackle when you aren’t feeling your best [12:16]
  • The Three Rivers real estate market [12:56]
  • Rachel’s start in real estate [15:43]
  • Why getting organized before you really need it is important [17:42]
  • How far the medical field has come in the last 20 years [22:02]
  • Looking after your health first [23:42]
  • How to ensure your success in real estate [26:05]
  • An important question to ask yourself in any endeavor [28:47]
  • How to reach out to Rachel [32:08]

Rachel Snodgrass

Although Rachel Snodgrass was born in Southern California, she’s got dirt underneath her fingernails. Relocating to the Central Valley as a young teen, Rachel fell in love with the small town feel of the Valley and its diverse communities. She has worked in marketing and advertising for many years and has a wealth of knowledge about our local community and its businesses. She has a personal passion for non-profit organizations including Casa, St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, Tulare & Kings Counties Suicide Prevention, Foodlink, The Scarlett Parks Foundation, The Source and most near and dear to her heart, Veterans Services (one of Rachel’s sons is a Veteran). Rachel is a creative problem solver – creating the Witch Walk for Kaweah Delta in order to help raise money for women in need of mammograms. She finds great satisfaction in finding solutions for her clients and is a strong believer in win-wins.

Rachel finds her greatest joy in watching her five grandchildren grow up with the help and support of her husband, Tim. They live in Three Rivers where Rachel transforms into her own kind of Mother Nature guiding her grandchildren on nature walks and gardening adventures, cooking, enjoying simple pleasures and finding every day magic in the outdoors.

Rachel believes in guiding her clients every step of the way and helping them navigate the journey of home ownership. She takes great pride in helping clients turn a house into home.

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