1079: The Future of Home Financing With Pavan Agarwal

September 8, 2022

Empathy is the essence of sales, especially when it comes to helping homebuyers. Unfortunately, when it comes to getting buyers qualified for a loan, the process is often slow, impersonal, and imperfect. That’s where Morgan comes in. This empathetic AI-powered technology is fast and efficient, providing buyers with a stress-free financing experience. On today’s podcast with Pavan Agarwal, CEO of Sun West Mortgage Company and visionary behind Morgan, we discuss the future of home financing.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • About Pavan Agarwal [3:57]
  • Recent trends with mortgage origination [4:30]
  • The story of Sun West and Pavan’s start in real estate [6:14]
  • A simple real estate philosophy that works: buy and hold [7:23]
  • Pavan’s advice for real estate investors [10:19]
  • The solution to today’s biggest problem with mortgages [13:30]
  • How to be a super agent [15:40]
  • How Pavan built Morgan: a comprehensive mortgage AI [16:49]
  • The Morgan user experience [21:05]
  • How quick Morgan is compared to a typical lender [23:34]
  • An invitation for buyer’s agents: get clients a fast, simple approval via Morgan [24:33]
  • Technological trends with loan processing [26:46]
  • How Morgan streamlines the process of buying a home [28:03]
  • How empathetic technology like Morgan helps agents provide exceptional client care [31:19]
  • Best practices for using Morgan with your buyer clients [33:38]
  • Next phases and plans for improvements to the Morgan platform [35:59]
  • The journey toward a one-minute approval [41:05]
  • Final thoughts from Pavan Agarwal: Roll with the punches and learn [42:27]
  • Where to try Morgan and connect with Pavan Agarwal [44:55]

Pavan Agarwal

Pavan Agarwal is the founder and CEO of Sun West Mortgage Company, a family owned business focusing on delivering quality service and connecting and caring about every single family. Sun West Mortgage Company, Inc. dedicates itself to offering its customers the best service. To accomplish this, they empower their loan officers so that they can find great rates and provide the most appropriate loan options for each customer – at amazing speed. The Company focuses on technology, giving them an edge in the mortgage industry to offer some of the fastest turn times available – so the customer can get into the home of their dreams sooner. They commit to their core values of people, experience, technology, and product. Sun West’s Morgan™ platform is a technology and AI platform that understands and appreciates the unique challenges of getting a mortgage. The platform is available 24 hours & 7 days a week. It was created to intuitively understand simple and complex requests and gives end-users a context-aware resolution of all daily requests, thereby resolving challenges with rigorous efficiency. The Morgan platform provides any inquiry, assistance, or service that an end-user require is completed intuitively, in minutes, and without friction. Founded in 1980, Sun West services a multi-billion-dollar loan portfolio with the perspective of “customers first” and the desire to make the mortgage process easy and stress-free for prospective homeowners. Licensed in 48 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands, Sun West Mortgage Company, Inc. acts as the lender and offers to finance qualified borrowers.

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