1080: Fun Ways to Win New Real Estate Business With Jen Martel

September 12, 2022

Drumming up new business doesn’t have to be boring! On today’s podcast with Jen Martel, we talk about fun ways to brand your business and win new real estate clients. In addition to discussing fun, low-cost ways to create branding materials, Stephanie and Jen share some of the exciting events they’ve hosted to generate real estate leads. Tune in for that, tips on social media marketing, and more!

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • About Jen Martel and Jen Jen Real Estate [4:16]
  • One of the most unique real estate offices [6:12]
  • Unique ways to win new business [10:02]
  • A creative spin on real estate branding [12:06]
  • A low-cost source for any design services you need [14:06]
  • How to craft a brand that speaks to potential clients [15:23]
  • Advice for new real estate agents: leverage social media [18:01]
  • Advice on building your audience your way [23:10]
  • Fun ways to promote your real estate brand [27:15]
  • Crafting a fun experience for your clients [37:00]
  • What NOT to post on social media [39:38]
  • The best thing about being in real estate [42:34]
  • Referring out the clients you don’t want [45:15]
  • The value of a great team or tribe [48:24]
  • Advice for part-time real estate agents [50:56]
  • Where to find and follow Jen Martel [52:22]

Jen Martel

HOME is the center of our Universe! It is where we make memories, relax, unwind, and find comfort! Riverside has been Jen’s hometown since she was born. Jen has built the foundation of her life in this town. She is comfortable with her direction and knowledge of landmarks, businesses and communities within Riverside and surrounding cities.

Jen’s husband works for Riverside County Fire Department. She loves that his serving the community with fire safety is a part of their fam-ily’s base! Jen’s sister owns the Riverside Air-port Cafe in Riverside and that has become the central force of their family and the community they serve. Jen has another sister that works for Arbor One Escrow in Riverside. They work to-gether to serve their clients with all their real estate needs. Jen shares these family connec-tions with you to show how that Jen loves to be surrounded by family that each play a part in the growth of their community!

Jen has a strong team of realtors she stays con-nected with as well. She is a part of a women’s Real Estate group that gets together monthly to share stories and experiences within Real Es-tate and beyond! Jen enjoys recruiting new real estate agents and assisting them in the Real Es-tate journey as new agents. Teaching others from experiences Jen has had is a true pleasure.

Making a home purchase is a big decision. Jen gets it! She has been in these shoes! Now, as an agent, Jen wants to help others see that it doesn’t have to be a scary or stressful thing, it should be exciting and enjoyable, and she will make sure that is how your experience goes!

Connect with Jen so she can show you all the ways she can assist in either the sale of your current home, purchase with your new home or BOTH!

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