1036: From Rental Leases to Real Estate Sales With Quentin Green

April 11, 2022

Jumping right into sales isn’t the only way to build a real estate business! Hear how to turn rental contracts into buyer clients in this interview between Elliot Hoyte and fellow 30 Under 30 Honoree Quentin Green. In addition to sharing what he did to 10X his business, Quentin covers how many contracts it takes to make six figures as a leasing agent in Chicago. Tune in and learn more about this unconventional approach to building a sales-based business.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Quentin Green’s start in real estate [4:31]
  • The difference between real estate sales and rental contracts [5:23]
  • How Covid helped Quentin get more clients [8:08]
  • How to lead with value in the multifamily space [10:49]
  • Inventory variations between Chicago’s real estate micro-markets [14:11]
  • Why Quentin got into real estate [16:20]
  • How Quentin’s parents inspired him to succeed [20:06]
  • The problem with instant gratification as it applies to real estate agents [20:57]
  • The hardest things about starting a real estate business [22:12]
  • Shifting from leasing into real estate sales [23:40]
  • Chicago’s two rental markets [33:53]
  • Quentin’s advice on getting business as a new agent [34:29]
  • Staying active outside of real estate [37:06]
  • Leveraging sports to land deals [39:42]
  • The wrong answer when Elliot asks about your favorite soccer team [41:31]
  • Why goal setting isn’t right for every agent [42:26]
  • How to reach out to Quentin Green [46:59]

Quentin Green

Quentin Green grew up in the Bucktown neighborhood of Chicago in a two-unit his parents gutted in the mid-90s. That was their first real estate purchase. Quentin comes from a family of land entrepreneurs—his great-grandfather bought a large parcel in South Louisiana back in the late 1800s. His grandfather on his father’s side bought a parcel in Florida, right outside of Orlando about 60 years ago. His grandpa on his mom’s side used his license more indirectly and had his own contracting firm. He now lives in Indiana and still actively transacts real estate at 94 years old. Real estate, to some capacity, is in their family’s blood. Quintin is a social person in general, so he has been able to lean on his social network quite a bit. Quintin also plays soccer throughout Chicago in various leagues, which has helped his get more business. All in all, he tries to put himself out there and keep it as organic as possible.

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