1202: Consistency Counts – How to Hit $1 Billion in Sales With Scott Harris

December 28, 2023

Today’s guest, Scott Harris, is a seasoned real estate professional with over $1 billion in sales under his belt. Here, Scott shares how he went from leasing agent to the leader of one of New York City’s top real estate teams. In addition to touching on how consistency helped him excel in this competitive industry, he covers the importance of knowing your value as a sales professional. Shelby and Scott also touch on real estate marketing and offer advice for new real estate agents.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • About Scott Harris [0:28]
  • Scott’s start in real estate [3:43]
  • What it’s like working as a leasing agent in New York City [5:33]
  • Telling fun real estate stories to win business [9:58]
  • How people advertised real estate in the early days of the Internet [12:19]
  • Scott Harris’ passion for real estate [14:02]
  • Why consistency counts for you and your clients [15:19]
  • Working with The Corcoran Group on a major new development [18:20]
  • Scott’s advice for new real estate agents [22:45]
  • Starting a real estate team and the mistakes that come with it [27:19]
  • Hiring an operations manager for your real estate business [31:56]
  • Hiring a real estate marketing manager [35:27]
  • Seeing what sticks with real estate marketing [38:10]
  • The value of real estate agents and knowing your value [40:36]
  • Conferences on Scott Harris’ radar [44:22]
  • Where to find and follow Scott Harris [45:12]

Scott Harris

Since 2003, Scott Harris has been involved in the marketing and sales of nearly $1 Billion of New York City residential property and is regularly among the top 0.02% of Realtors nationwide.

With a focus on People First, and a philosophy of Visionary Brokerage, Scott and his team help their buyers and sellers uncover what is next for them in their lives, identifying and securing opportunities in cooperative apartments, landmarked townhouses, and condominiums.

For home sellers, each property goes through a proprietary process to create a unique branding campaign and marketing strategy. Deep listening and targeted campaigns have resulted in matches with delighted homebuyers that exceed expectations. Features on social media, television, and international publications each contribute to a business based largely on referrals. Scott represents both buyers and sellers in top buildings across Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Concurrently, Scott developed more than a decade of experience in New Development, closely collaborating with top developers in the planning, marketing, and sales of premier new residential developments, and creating brand identities for extraordinary properties featuring world-class architecture and design.

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-Aaron Amuchastegui

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