SOTM 71: Bubble or Boom? What Explains Today’s Red-Hot Real Estate Markets?

April 29, 2021

Many predicted that COVID-19 would cause real estate markets to crash. But now, after one full year of economic uncertainty, U.S. housing markets seem hotter than ever. What gives? On today’s State of the Market podcast, Aaron and Matt Amuchastegui discuss what’s driving rapidly rising property values. Tune in and get their thoughts on whether or not we’re in a bubble. Plus, you’ll hear about the insane cost of lumber right now, the political implications of population shifts, and more.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • The insane cost of lumber right now [2:29]
  • Americans willing to pay more for existing homes than new builds [3:50]
  • Manhattanites opt for Brooklyn over Florida [6:54]
  • The political implications of population shifts [8:51]
  • Forbearance rates continue to drop [12:15]
  • Businesses report major labor shortages [15:20]
  • A potential fix for the unemployment problem [20:20]
  • Blockchain’s place in the real estate industry [23:22]
  • Matt’s advice for today’s homebuyers [25:36]
  • Final thoughts [27:10]

Matt Amuchastegui

Matt Amuchastegui has had the pleasure of working in many different industries and positions throughout his career. He has learned the trades of residential home building carpentry, construction management, commercialized construction such as building highway bridges and steel buildings, has worked in inside sales, worked as a purchasing manager, mortgage loan originator, held his real estate license in both California and Arizona, and finally he is currently working as a Real Estate Broker in the great state of Oregon.

Matt has been able to apply many skills from all of his past jobs, as well as his education from the University of Oregon to what he is currently doing. Matt prides himself in customer service and strives to make sure everyone that he works with, upon the completion of their transaction, feels as though he provided them with the utmost care, attention and customer service. It is also imperative that when he was involved with management and scheduling, that he built solid relationships with the employees and other contractors to help keep them on schedule and within their budget. Business, at any level, in Matt’s opinion is about respect and relationships.

Matt has enjoyed helping people find their dream homes and has also really enjoyed the business side of negotiating sales contracts. Learning to value homes and determine how much they were currently worth and would possibly be worth in the future was also something that served to be an asset for him. Having the opportunity to work in all fields related to home acquisition, sales and management has helped Matt to be versatile in his ability to take on any task!

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-Aaron Amuchastegui

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