SOTM 72: Is a Wave of Foreclosures About to Hit the Market? –’s Daren Blomquist

May 10, 2021

What happens when mortgage forbearance ends? On today’s State of the Market podcast,’s Daren Blomquist joins us to discuss the possibility of a massive wave of foreclosures hitting the market. We talk about current property prices, dive into detailed foreclosure stats, and more. Tune in and get information on everything you need to know as a Realtor, investor, or prospective homebuyer.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • The shadow inventory of foreclosures [4:41]
  • Daren’s thoughts on what will happen to properties in forbearance [8:21]
  • The average equity loss for properties in forbearance [11:23]
  • Foreclosures in Texas [14:37]
  • Bubble or boom? Daren’s thoughts on housing prices [19:48]
  • Why the first-time-homebuyer tax credit is the wrong solution [24:29]
  • The eviction moratorium’s impact on landlords [26:37]
  • Daren’s foreclosure stats [34:22]
  • The average price of foreclosure sales compared to total debt [40:47]
  • Where to find more of Daren’s foreclosure research [42:16]

Daren Blomquist

Daren Blomquist is’s new Vice President, Market Economist.  Recently, Daren served as Vice President at Attom Data Solutions where he was widely recognized as an authority in the housing and mortgage industries. In his new role, Daren focuses on analyzing and forecasting complex macro and microeconomic data trends within the marketplace and greater industry.

Daren mines real estate data for key insights and trends to help businesses and consumers make better decisions. Prior to, Blomquist directed ATTOM Media, a division of ATTOM Data Solutions, which publishes original real estate reports and analysis.

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