SOTM 73: Working-Class America’s Last Shot at Homeownership – BiggerPockets’ David Greene

May 13, 2021

With home prices reaching record highs, many Americans are waiting for “the right time to buy.” That time may never come. On today’s podcast with BiggerPockets’ David Greene, we discuss the factors driving current market conditions and speculate on just how expensive homes could be in years to come. It’s a scary thought, but this might be working-class America’s last shot at homeownership. Hear why on this State of the Market.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Today’s crazy real estate markets [3:43]
  • Why David’s being extremely picky with buyers right now [5:11]
  • How badly the lack of new construction is hurting inventory [8:01]
  • Challenges holding home builders back [10:36]
  • Real estate as a hedge against inflation [15:40]
  • Why a new-homebuyer tax credit is a bad idea [20:38]
  • How eliminating capital gains taxes would help the housing market [21:55]
  • What’s responsible for the current housing inventory shortage [22:46]
  • Why average Americans may not be able to buy a house in the future [26:36]
  • The relatively low barriers to home ownership right now [27:17]
  • David’s script for on-the-fence buyers [29:06]
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