SOTM 76: Millennial Homebuyers’ Biggest Regrets – BiggerPockets’ David Greene

June 7, 2021

A recent survey shows that 64 percent of millennials regret buying their current home. Why? On today’s podcast with BiggerPockets’ David Greene, we dig through millennial homebuyers’ biggest regrets. In addition to dissecting the real estate gripes of Generation Y, we discuss recent industry news, including the story of a company pushing for electronic real estate transactions and a report showing a steep decline in mortgage applications. Plus, David shares how to help clients buy real estate in the face of the fiercest competition we’ve ever seen.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • David’s most recent real estate deal [2:36]
  • Creative ways to find investment opportunities right now [6:32]
  • Luxury home sales soar [7:26]
  • Requests for feedback from listeners [16:00]
  • Electronic earnest money payments gaining traction [17:23]
  • Real estate scams to look out for [22:03]
  • Startups strive to take homebuying online [24:12]
  • David’s biggest real estate pain points [25:40]
  • Mortgage applications drop to pre-pandemic levels [29:50]
  • How many offers the average buyer makes before taking a break [33:18]
  • David’s thoughts on mortgage rates [37:24]
  • The conversation agents need to have with buyer clients [38:55]
  • Millennials’ biggest regrets as homebuyers [41:10]
  • Why emotional support is secondary to expertise in real estate [43:46]
  • Why David asked his agents to take a break right now [52:02]
  • How to improve your real estate skills on the cheap [55:09]
  • The type of agent you don’t want to be [56:29]
  • A listener shares their market stats – thanks @sararealestate! [57:25]
  • Where to follow BiggerPockets’ David Greene [58:45]
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