SOTM 84: Is Zillow Predicting a Housing Market Crash? – Kimberlee Meserve

November 18, 2021

In early November, Zillow unexpectedly pulled the plug on its iBuyer business. What happened? On today’s podcast with Kimberlee Meserve, we explore several possible reasons behind Zillow Offers shutting down. Is Zillow predicting a housing market crash, or was their aggressive home-buying strategy simply unsustainable? Find out on today’s State of the Market! We also cover Boston’s unique housing market, what other iBuyers are doing right now, and more.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Why iBuyers stayed out of Boston [1:25]
  • Tiny house in Boston listed for $449,000 [4:20]
  • ADUs and other alternative living arrangements [7:16]
  • Zillow sued over unexpected exit from iBuying scene [15:30]
  • Does Zillow know something we don’t? [22:51]
  • Is the Zillow algorithm fatally flawed? [26:54]
  • Opportunities institutional investors see in real estate [28:20]
  • Why foreign real estate purchases are expected to increase [30:15]
  • How the Boston market has shifted since spring [38:33]
  • Boston hotel bought by lab developer [40:36]
  • iBuyer Opendoor continues to buy homes at a rapid rate [42:16]
  • Where to connect with Kimberlee Meserve [45:19]

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