1002: How to Succeed as a Brand-New Buyer’s Agent with Calvin Pringles

November 22, 2021

Starting a new career in real estate? There’s a good chance you’ll be working with buyers. On today’s show, Calvin Pringles shares the strategies that helped him succeed as a brand-new buyer’s agent. Listen and learn how to win deals from your sphere, how to convert hot leads, and how to qualify buyer clients. Use the tips Calvin shares in this interview to avoid making the mistakes that hold most buyer’s agents back.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • The first time Calvin heard Real Estate Rockstars [1:27]
  • When Calvin got his real estate license [2:28]
  • Calvin’s start in real estate [4:06]
  • Calvin’s first real estate deal [9:11]
  • Calvin’s sales stats [14:32]
  • How to win deals from your SOI [15:30]
  • How being an agent helps you as an investor [19:16]
  • Tips for converting hot leads [23:07]
  • An aggressive, but effective, strategy for buyer’s agents [24:16]
  • Tips for getting a buyer’s offer accepted [28:46]
  • Calvin’s predictions on the real estate market [37:29]
  • Life in Tampa right now [38:45]
  • Calvin’s real estate goals [40:47]
  • Alternatives to the typical model for paid leads [45:00]
  • How to reach out to Calvin Pringles [45:55]

Calvin Pringles

Calvin Pringles is an ambitious Top Producing Real Estate Consultant and has helped 50+ families find their forever homes. His passion for service and love for people has been instrumental in motivating his determination to facilitate desired property solutions no matter the circumstances. Calvin continually strives to offer a guiding hand to anyone looking to buy, sell, or invest by keeping them informed and engaged every step of the way. While he can’t promise that there won’t be any stumbling blocks, he endeavors to drive seamless, hassle-free transitions in every process.

Calvin was initially introduced to real estate through real estate investing where he worked for his mentor at the time to acquire properties that could potentially expand his portfolio. After achieving success in the venture, he would later take on the challenge of being in the frontlines as a real estate agent where his goal was to help as many people as possible attain their dreams of becoming homeowners. Calvin extends the same high level of integrity and strong work ethic that he showed as a 3-year starting cornerback in college football on the field. Education, honesty, and hard work are the three core principles his business is built upon as he works with family, friends, and new clients alike.

The first in his family to graduate college and with a Marketing degree, Calvin will never settle for less, instead going beyond the call of duty to ensure that every detail is seen to. He leverages strategic marketing and negotiation insights, is nuanced in the local market as a lifelong resident, and prioritizes on protecting his clients’ best interests at all times. Calvin offers comprehensive real estate services and memorable customer experiences. He prides himself on being attentive, available, and communicative which has helped him foster lasting relationships along the way.

Calvin is also passionate about giving back to inner city youth and is involved with a charity called 1 Life Fully Lived to realize this. His favorite pastimes include all things beach, all things exercise related, reading, traveling, cycling, fishing, and diving.

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