SOTM 85: New York Landlords Fight for the Right to Evict – Kelly Skeval

December 9, 2021

It’s no secret that New York is a tenant-friendly state, but new legislation could make life even harder for landlords. Kelly Skeval, a New York-based Realtor and investor, joins us to analyze laws that will—if passed—further limit landlords’ rights to evict tenants and raise rents. We also talk about the appraiser shortage that’s slowing down deals, the top housing markets of 2022, and what happens to a listing when the seller dies before closing.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • One of Nashville’s most unique short-term rentals [1:39]
  • The arguments against Airbnb [3:06]
  • Market updates for Northern New York [4:58]
  • The appraiser shortage that’s slowing down deals [6:40]
  • Appraisals lagging behind what buyers are willing to pay [8:15]
  • Legislation that aims to limit short-term rentals [13:03]
  • A law that could make it even harder to evict tenants in New York [18:25]
  • Top housing markets of 2022 [26:36]
  • Updates on the pocket-listing lawsuit against NAR [32:09]
  • Another law that aims to make life as a landlord harder [36:53]
  • Real estate startup Hometap raises $60M for expansion [38:21]
  • An argument against higher limits for government-backed loans [42:15]
  • Kelly’s real estate investments [44:45]
  • What happens to a listing if the seller dies before closing [48:00]
  • Our final thoughts and advice for investors [50:04]

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