1006: 31 Deals in His First 13 Months! Jacob Valdellon’s Advice for New Agents

December 6, 2021

Plenty of real estate agents struggle to find clients their first year in the business. Still, there are some agents who manage to put up big numbers right from the start. Jacob Valdellon is one of them. In his first 13 months, Jacob closed 31 deals. On today’s podcast, Jacob shares exactly how he did it. Listen and learn how to capture and convert leads via social media, what script to use when seeking referrals, and where to find motivation when times are tough.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Life in Rancho Cucamonga [1:45]
  • Jacob’s start in real estate in 2020 [1:59]
  • How Jacob chose his first brokerage [3:15]
  • What makes real estate special [5:07]
  • Jacob’s first listing [6:10]
  • Jacob’s sales stats [7:02]
  • What to expect on profit-share deals [8:58]
  • What turned Jacob’s life around [12:27]
  • How Jacob overcame ego and embraced being present [17:11]
  • SOS – A warning for agents who find fast success [22:13]
  • Life-changing events and books [26:32]
  • Where Jacob gets his deals now [28:34]
  • A simple script for getting referrals [30:23]
  • How to engage potential clients via social media [33:03]
  • A trick for creating high-quality real estate videos with ease [37:30]
  • Real estate topics to cover on social media [38:00]
  • Rapid-fire advice for new real estate agents [40:49]
  • Other sayings that helped guide Jacob’s success [43:29]
  • Jacob’s final thoughts for listeners [47:15]

Jacob Valdellon

Jacob Valdellon is a 24 year old Filipino American young entrepreneur, he grew up playing baseball since T-Ball and all the way until high school. His junior year of high school he was cut and decided to turn his passion from sports to business. He began his entrepreneur career at 19 years old and joined a Financial Marketing Company and was working as an inside sales agent for Keller Williams and Century 21. He went to his first Driven Event in 2018 and is now apart of our Ambiance Team. He’s here to give you Service for Lifetime. His passion for helping people, his meticulous attention to detail, and his willingness to go above and beyond to fight for his clients is what separates him as an AMAZING REAL ESTATE AGENT. His faith has continued to allow him to work from inspiration (in spirit) and will work tirelessly to get you into your dream home. His customer service and business candor is exceptional and will make you feel special when working with him. He has his friends at The Mortgage Guys to assist him to hold your hand through the entire sales transaction.

On his free time he enjoys working out, spending time with his family, he is the second eldest sibling of 5 brothers and sisters, and really loves to serve his community. He has coached the local little league teams for his little brother and continues to give back to his community through church. His mission in life is to empower others to empower others to live a happy, healthy, and wealthy life. His favorite quote, “Everything you want in this life already exists, all you have to do is go after it everyday relentlessly. There is a clear path to what you want so dream big and go after it!”

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