1008: Stop Working Weekends Without Sacrificing Volume – Trish Williams

December 20, 2021

Are you worried that taking time off will cost you clients? Hear how to stop working weekends without sacrificing sales on today’s podcast with Trish Williams. The efficiency-boosting strategies shared in this interview will help you scale your business without increasing your workload. Trish also talks about her unique spin on standard seller follow-up, the power of a robust contact database, and more.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Trish’s first year in real estate [1:31]
  • Trish’s first deal: a short sale [3:32]
  • Winning more deals by meeting more people [7:17]
  • How to convert in conversation with a strong CTA [9:18]
  • A better alternative to automated email follow-up [14:20]
  • Trish’s sales stats [18:29]
  • What Las Vegas was like in lockdown [19:29]
  • Scaling by shifting away from buyers [25:30]
  • How Trish does more deals working less [26:32]
  • How Pat Hiban inspired Trish to start a real estate career [36:18]
  • Why building a database makes it so much easier to win business [38:38]
  • Where to find more from Trish Williams [41:22]

Trish Williams

Trish Williams a Chair of the Keller Williams Leadership Council, and Host of a local Las Vegas real estate podcast Realty Check with Trish Williams, streamed on iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, YouTube, and most any place podcasts can be streamed on. She has been recognized one of the Top 100 Most Influential Realtors in Nevada, Top 100 Real Estate Professionals, Professional Who’s Who, Top 100 Ladies of Influence, Keller Williams Cultural Icon, 40 Under 40 Realtors, and in 2015 Rookie of The Year. The biggest testament to her level of success is in that 90% of her business is referral based. Client care is a #1 priority and she gives her clients an experience worth bragging about. Her charisma has lead her to be featured on Pat Hiban Interviews Real Estate Rockstars, and Best Ever Real Estate Investing Advice with Joe Fairless, The Passive Income Guide, and Las Vegas Real Estate TV. Trish was born and raised in Las Vegas, she has background in commercial construction, interior design, and scenic art. A driving passion for Real Estate brought her to follow her dreams and start a new career. She remains a vital part of the same community she grew up in, volunteering and sponsoring local charities and groups.

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