1009: Selling Second Homes in Ski Country with Megan Luther

December 23, 2021

Buying or selling a second home in ski country can be complex, but it doesn’t have to be. Megan Luther of The Simple Life Colorado aims to make these transactions as easy as possible for her clients. On today’s Real Estate Rockstars, Megan shares what it’s like working with clients remotely, how she gets business from buyers and sellers who live several states away, and why customer service is essential in the second-home niche. Megan also offers some sage advice on joining—or starting—a team.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Colorado’s ski town real estate markets [2:48]
  • Why Megan got into real estate [3:09]
  • Megan’s first year in real estate [4:14]
  • What it’s like selling second homes [5:29]
  • How to stand out in an oversaturated market [9:13]
  • The power of the pivot [12:32]
  • Megan’s sales stats and team [15:51]
  • Megan’s most successful direct-mail campaign [17:18]
  • What Megan learned about hiring team members [19:54]
  • How Megan captures and converts buyer leads [26:01]
  • Advice on running real estate Google ads [26:52]
  • Megan’s most successful social media posts [28:43]
  • Tips for getting started as a small-town real estate agent [32:21]
  • Real estate market predictions for 2022 [32:56]
  • What questions agents should ask before joining a team [38:35]
  • Megan’s script for winning second-home clients [40:23]
  • Where to learn more about Megan and The Simple Life Colorado [44:27]

Megan Luther

Megan is a business owner, entrepreneur, coach/trainer, and professional real estate agent. She has worked in both corporate franchise models and boutique real estate companies. Megan has always believed there is a better way to do real estate and has worked tirelessly for over a decade to share her vision. “The Simple Life” is the goal. Simple means easily understood or done;presenting no difficulty and Megan knew through all of her experiences in the industry that she could make real estate simple by handling all the complexities. This way her clients could focus on living THE SIMPLE LIFE. She also knew she could help transform real estate agents’ lives by developing teams of professionals, with multiple streams of income and help agents create generational wealth which is why she brought her team to eXp Realty.

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