769: Make BIG Money on Syndication Referrals with Moneil Investment Group CEO Vinney Chopra

March 18, 2019

SEC rules make it difficult, if not impossible, for agents to earn money on syndication referrals; that’s what most people think. But according to syndication expert and CEO of Moneil Investment Group, Vinney Chopra, there ARE ways for agents to make BIG money by bringing investors in on syndication deals. On today’s show, Vinney breaks down pertinent SEC guidelines and explains how he pays real estate professionals for referring investors. Listen and learn how to take advantage of the industry’s most lucrative source of referral fees.


Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Vinney’s brief bio [2:17]
  • SEC rules regarding commissions on syndication deals [5:24]
  • A simple solution for managing a syndication [10:46]
  • A way to split syndication profits with real estate agents [13:53]
  • How Vinney makes syndication easy for his partners [17:05]
  • Why 2019 might be a good year to invest in real estate [18:49]
  • An explanation of different property classes [20:44]
  • Why Vinney is now investing in newer properties [24:26]
  • Vinney’s donation to the Agent Success Toolbox [28:24]
  • How to break through your goals.
  • Plus so much more.

Vinney Chopra

When Vinod Chopra came to the United States from India more than 40 years ago, he had only $7 in his pockets. But he knew without a doubt that the opportunities offered by this country were within reach because he had a vision for his life plus the commitment to learn, work hard and sacrifice to achieve those goals.

With a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, he entered The George Washington University to seek a master of business administration degree in marketing and advertising. He sold Bibles and educational books door-to-door to support his studies, excelling both in the classroom and outside because of his work ethic and overwhelmingly positive attitude.

There’s a reason Vinney’s nickname is “Mr. Smiles,” which is evident even through just hearing the demeanor in his voice! He has always believed in individuals’ ability to shape the world around them through positive thought and selfless actions, and he has been a passionate motivational speaker and teacher for over three decades. After getting a taste of sales and marketing while pursuing his MBA, Vinney decided to leave engineering altogether and become a motivational speaker and fundraiser. He worked tirelessly to build clientele that would work with him annually to raise the funds to meet their goals and dreams.

He became intrigued – like so many other people, perhaps even you – with the challenge and benefits of public speaking, fundraising for non-profit organizations and real estate investing. He earned his real estate broker’s license on the first attempt and has dedicated his career not only to mastering the field of fundraising and motivation through speaking engagements and the art of building wealth through real estate investing, but more importantly, to sharing that knowledge and expertise – and his passion for doing good – with others.

Vinney has done that first through creating a successful fundraising career with a top national private corporation and, recently, a real estate investing business and partnering with other dedicated investors through syndication deals. He also has established a Multifamily Syndication Academy and now also a Youth Academy.

Vinney turned his attention to multifamily investing and syndication a few years after becoming an active commercial real estate broker in California in 2004. He and his team have built his business from the ground up, learning effective techniques, ideas and concepts and putting them into action. He has done 26 syndications – 12 of them in the last 24 months – and now is able to raise $5 million to $10 million for his offerings in only a few days, in many cases.

He is a systems guru (in the best sense of that term!), having designed proven systems of underwriting, acquisition, team building, presenting, syndication and management of multifamily investment properties. Vinney’s companies have controlled more than $172 million in multifamily assets.

Currently, Vinney oversees Moneil Investment Group, LLC, and Moneil Management Group, LLC, in addition to teaching through his academies. He exudes positivity and confidence, as evidenced in the many valuable lectures he has made available through this site. He also offers various courses and mentoring services.

Nothing provides him more fulfilment and joy than knowing he has helped others achieve the success and peace that he himself knows. He is passionate about working hard with his team of professionals to provide great returns to well-established investors who have trusted him and his team. He believes in total transparency of operations and doing everything possible to maintain the trust and confidence of his valued investors and partners. He is always thinking about ways to add value to residents, staff, investors and partners.

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