1028: How to Win Business AND Referrals From FSBOs With Walt Key

March 10, 2022

Stop failing at FSBOs! On today’s podcast, Realtor Walt Key outlines his strategy for winning business and referrals from FSBOs. In addition to sharing several highly effective scripts, he explains how agents can easily overcome their fear of cold calls with a simple mindset shift. Walt also covers why most agents miss out on repeat business and additional ways to generate real estate leads for free.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Walt’s start in real estate [4:58]
  • Rebuilding a real estate business in a new market [7:25]
  • How quickly you can build and sell a real estate business [11:03]
  • Walt’s system for generating free real estate leads [12:23]
  • The best way to do business with FSBOs [15:33]
  • The two things you need to succeed in real estate [19:49]
  • How to create inventory for your buyers with FSBOs [21:09]
  • Where 99 percent of agents go wrong when cold calling [26:09]
  • A script for winning over FSBOs [25:21]
  • How to blow a FSBOs mind in 10 seconds or less [29:40]
  • An easy way to overcome your fear of FSBO cold calls [32:52]
  • Why agents should never neglect past clients [35:16]
  • How to win new clients from small business owners [38:13]
  • How to connect with Walt Key [47:33]

Walter Key

Walter was born in Rockdale, Texas. After extensive travel, he now calls Northeast Florida his home. A relocation expert by personal experience; Walter has lived in Texas, Missouri, Florida, Virginia, Nebraska, California, Sicily, Spain and Japan and has traveled to almost every state in America as well as Slovenia, Greece, Italy, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Kuwait, Iraq, Colombia, Panama, Jamaica, Korea, El Salvador, Bahamas, Mexico, and Singapore. His breadth of experience and knowledge of culture has given him a great appreciation for people and a passion for helping people achieve their dreams.

In addition to being well traveled, Walter has been teaching personal finance for over 15 years and has developed a well-rounded set of skills to help educate and coach people through the major financial decisions of their lives. He now carries that same dedication and care into his real estate career where he uses his greatest talents and passions to add value to the relationships he builds through the home buying and selling process. When not actively engaged in helping people achieve their goals, Walter enjoys running, teaching personal finance, spending time with his family and volunteering in the community.

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