1027: The Psychology of Social Media Marketing With Courtney McManus

March 7, 2022

Love it or hate it, social media is a great source for low-cost, high-quality real estate leads—if you use it right. On today’s podcast, 30 Under 30 Honoree Courtney McManus explains the psychology of social media marketing. Listen and learn how to leverage the various social platforms for more leads. Courtney also shares why she loves working with first-time home buyers, the mindset new real estate agents need to succeed, and more.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Why Courtney got into real estate [3:47]
  • The mindset new agents need to succeed [6:39]
  • Courtney’s first year in real estate [10:25]
  • Turning negative energy into a positive driver for productivity [13:34]
  • The stories behind the successes [15:58]
  • What it feels like to build a six-figure business on your own [17:20]
  • How Courtney got business as a new real estate agent [17:10]
  • The psychology behind successful social media marketing [18:56]
  • Why Courtney prefers first-time home buyers [24:21]
  • A great way to get business as a new agent [27:00]
  • Why you should post different content on different social media platforms [29:28]
  • How to sell yourself on social media without being salesy [31:43]
  • Where average agents lose potential leads on social media [34:22]
  • Courtney’s goals for the year [37:11]
  • Why real estate podcasts are so helpful for new agents [38:31]
  • Where to follow Courtney McManus [39:47]

Courtney McManus

#1 Agent in CT on Social Media, Top 15% in the Country, Leader of The Making Moves Group, Courtney McManus is a local award winning Realtor who was recently named one of REALTOR Magazines Top 30 Under 30! A dedicated and committed agent, Courtney prides herself on not just helping clients with the biggest investment of their lives, but also getting them living where they love!

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