1235: Why Most Real Estate Agents Suck at Social Media With Will Draper

April 25, 2024

Sick of your social media content getting next to no engagement? Not sure what the secret sauce is when it comes to creating viral content? If so, you won’t want to miss today’s podcast with Will Draper. Will built a highly successful real estate business via social media marketing, and now he’s helping other agents do the same. In this interview, Will covers everything from selecting the right platform to crafting engaging content. In addition to tips and tricks, he outlines the biggest mistakes that agents make on social media and provides a simple guideline to follow for content that converts.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • What you’ll learn in today’s Real Estate Rockstars Podcast [0:00]
  • Where agents go wrong when selecting a platform for their content [1:45]
  • An overview of the various social platforms and who uses them [3:49]
  • Why you shouldn’t share links from other social platforms [7:37]
  • Why LinkedIn and other select social platforms are a waste of time [11:53]
  • What’s not working with content marketing right now [14:30]
  • The rule of three: a simple marketing guideline for social media [19:57]
  • What to post on your business page and what to post on your profile [29:42]
  • How to hook viewers with your content [32:32]
  • Where to download Will Draper’s social media playbook for real estate agents [37:33]
  • What your Facebook business page is really for [38:47]
  • How to optimize everything for lead generation [40:02]
  • What had the greatest impact on Will Draper’s real estate business [45:48]
  • Why Will loves CapCut [47:15]
  • Where to find and follow Will Draper [48:22]

Will Draper

Will Draper is a passionate real estate content creator, educator, speaker and marketing consultant with over 40K followers on social media. As a former top 1% real estate agent in North Carolina, Will built his business using social media and video marketing and now it’s his mission to make content creation easy and accessible for every real estate professionals everywhere. Will is the founder of the Real Estate Marketing Accelerator, which offers monthly workshops, comprehensive online courses, and practical, actionable strategies to empower real estate agents to expand their social media outreach and get more leads.

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-Aaron Amuchastegui

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