1236: Gogo Bethke: Algorithm Secrets Instagram Doesn’t Want You to Know

April 29, 2024

Stop scratching your head and start creating content that Instagram will promote to the masses! Today’s guest, Gogo Bethke, became Insta-famous almost instantly thanks to her in-depth understanding of the Instagram algorithm. In this interview, she shares algorithm secrets so that listeners like you know exactly how to get more eyes on your real estate content. In addition to outlining what, when, and how to post, Gogo covers tools and tips on everything from automation to artificial intelligence. Don’t miss it!

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • What you’ll learn in today’s Real Estate Rockstars Podcast [0:00]
  • The best way build your real estate brand via social media right now [1:40]
  • Which platforms to focus on when promoting your real estate business [3:27]
  • A simple way to come up with content ideas for social media [5:15]
  • How to overcome impostor syndrome [7:17]
  • Why Gogo Bethke prefers Instagram over other social platforms [9:57]
  • Why Gogo switched to eXp Realty and how she started recruiting agents [11:32]
  • What’s working now when it comes to Instagram content [13:00]
  • When to post content on social media [14:42]
  • Using B-roll footage to increase content engagement [15:38]
  • Gogo’s favorite tech tools and her thoughts on automation [18:45]
  • How to direct Instagram traffic to other websites via ManyChat [21:48]
  • Virtual assistants: expectations and how to improve their efficiency [25:42]
  • A FREE way to learn how to outsource more with help from ChatGPT [31:00]
  • Why you must own your own data and how to collect contact details from Instagram [32:57]
  • How to measure and improve metrics with email marketing [37:34]
  • Why Gogo Bethke doesn’t worry about market conditions or real estate news [40:49]
  • Gogo Bethke’s events, podcasts, and training opportunities [45:20]
  • Where to find and follow Gogo Bethke [48:11]

Gogo Bethke

Gogo Bethke came from Romania to the US in 2003 to build her American Dream. By process of elimination; after trying to work in data entry in a warehouse, sales rep in a jewelry store, restaurant food safety auditor to stay at home mom, to waitress; her neighbor recommended she should be a Realtor.

She referred Gogo to a local brokerage. They offered her a job if she passes her test. Gogo did and she was so excited to be a Realtor! Reality kicked her in the a*s very quickly. Gogo realized over 80% of the Realtors give up in their 1st year, and she was not about to be a statistic. But she was also broke, no SOI, no experience, barely speaking english, and with $6 to her name. So that left her with nothing else but Facebook at the time. That’s where Gogo started. She created the Gogo’s Real Estate Facebook page and her real estate career started! Took her a few years to get the rhythm of things but she’s proud to say with the power of social media she personally sold over $80M in residential real estate transactions.

Gogo shares the good, the bad and the ugly side of real estate. Her honest snippets into her everyday life got her tens of thousands of followers and in the real estate community she earned the nickname “The Social Media Queen”. More and more Gogo got asked to talk at different real estate events teaching Realtors how to build a brand and become their own lead generating magnet. Because of that, Gogo has built a social media bootcamp for Realtors so she can help thousands of agents at the same time, it’s called Gogo’s Bootcamp, which she has a 2 Comma Club Award for it.

Through her career Gogo has been with 3 brokerages, Real Estate One was her 1st one, she stayed with them for 6.5 years. She got recruited all the time but she had it so good at REO, Gogo really had no reason to switch. Then because her Instagram and Facebook following took off, most followers being agents, Keller Williams got to her with their “profit share” model. So Feb, 2018 she switched to them.

But profit share opened Gogo’s eyes to “Revenue Share” and in Nov, 2018 she switched to eXp Realty. It was a great business decision, maybe the best in her career. Today Gogo has a team of 1100+ agents and are growing nationwide and internationally. In 2020 she decided to create a new bootcamp to share everything she has learned about building a team, so she created the Agent Attraction Bootcamp. One year after the launch of the Bootcamp, she got a 2 Comma Club Award for it too.

At the end of 2022 Gogo started her own TV Show at Your Home TV. As the name says, it’s a show where she shares how she made her career from the beginning to nowadays, where she currently has 9 companies and 2x “2 Comma Club Award” winning online bootcamps, called “Gogo’s Bootcamp”. But not only that, you will get to meet Gogo, the girl from Transylvania- Romania, who came to the USA with no college degree, no SOI, no money, no experience, and an accent.

Gogo’s goal is to help as many agents as she possibly can to make a name for themselves in this cut throat industry. If Gogo, this girl from Transylvania-Romania with no US college degree, no SOI, no money, no experience and an accent, can do it, then THEY can definitely do it.

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