Saturday Shake-Up, Week 1: Online information on houses, the Megafy CRM, celebrity Real Estate news, and much more.

May 24, 2014

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Pat Hiban, the Bare Naked Agent, sits down with Amy Stoehr to dive into internet sites that provide agents and clients with information on houses. Died in house, sex offender sites…do these work, and is the obligation on the agent to disclose this information? All these questions and more are addressed in this edition of the Saturday Shake-Up! Pat also presents some celebrity Real Estate news chatting about Dolly Parton, Howard Hughes, Bernie Taupin, and Wayne Gretzky. Join us in this pilot edition of the Saturday Shake-Up on Bare Naked Agent! 





Megafy CRM

Megafy is the easiest CRM out there, works across all PC/Mac/Android/iPhone platforms, and is accessible both in the cloud and locally. Its founder has painstakingly held this vision and places OUR FEEDBACK at the forefront of design decisions. It truly has the capability of finally doing all the things we’ve been wanting a CRM to do.

I urge you to watch the 5-minute demo video to check it out for yourself, and then join the campaign. Just $25 gets you on board (though you’ll likely decide to do much more). Maybe you’re paying $100/month right now for 3 Top Producer accounts. For $250 you can get 3 Megafy accounts for 12 months!!!


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