1081: Facebook Advertising Tips for Real Estate Agents With Andrew Dunn

September 19, 2022

Imagine spending $2,500 and earning $250,000 worth of business as a result; that’s the power of Facebook. On today’s podcast, real estate marketing expert Andrew Dunn discusses his strategies for generating low-cost, high-quality leads with Facebook. In addition to breaking down ad costs, he covers ad copy and who to target for best results. Andrew also shares the simple secret to maximizing online-lead conversion. Don’t miss it!

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Andrew Dunn’s start in real estate [4:07]
  • The big difference between real estate sales in England versus America [8:14]
  • The mindset of abundance [10:04]
  • The beauty of real estate: so many different ways to succeed [12:34]
  • Niching down to exponentially increase your income [13:38]
  • The niches Andrew chose to focus on [14:52]
  • The first deals Andrew got and how he got them [17:02]
  • Getting off of the real estate roller coaster via advertising [20:35]
  • Simple tips for configuring Facebook ads [22:00]
  • The top questions to ask buyer leads [25:00]
  • What Andrew spends for Facebook ads and how many leads he gets [26:59]
  • Andrew’s favorite Facebook strategy for organic leads [33:38]
  • How to start conversations with potential clients on Facebook groups [36:32]
  • Andrew’s ad copy: short and simple [38:41]
  • The BIG difference between agents who convert and those who don’t [39:39]
  • How Andrew segments and starts conversations with real estate leads [40:49]
  • How to instantly increase your chances of connecting with a lead [42:04]
  • Why Facebook leads are great for new real estate agents [41:54]
  • Launching a local podcast to win business by providing value to your community [45:33]
  • The difference between being a jerk and being authentic [49:05]
  • The secret to having a successful real estate career that you also enjoy [50:38]
  • How a brand-new agent made $250,000 from one Facebook group in one year [51:28]
  • One of Stephanie Heiser’s favorite Real Estate Rockstars episode [53:09]
  • Where to learn more about Andrew Dunn and his real estate strategies [54:17]

Andrew Dunn

Andrew Dunn has been in the advertising and marketing space since 2014, this makes him one of the ‘old guard’ in the digital marketing space. With over 100 million in trackable revenue for their E-commerce clients and Billions in property sold for their 100+ real estate agents & brokers, it’s fair to say that Andrew’s teams know how to get the job done!

Andrew is also the host of the Elite Agent Secrets where they share all the confidential tips & tricks that all the top producing agents from around the world have used to give themselves a competitive advantage.

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