1082: More Success, Less Stress: Jess Lenouvel’s Guide to Beating Burnout

September 22, 2022

Real estate should be the vehicle to what you want in life, not the only thing that matters. On today’s podcast, Jess Lenouvel and Courtney Atkinson discuss building a real estate business that won’t result in burnout. Tune in and discover how to have incredible success in real estate without all of the stress. In addition to covering appropriate boundaries, Jess and Courtney share their strategies for task prioritization, goal setting, and more.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Life in The Bahamas [3:40]
  • Jess Lenouvel’s real estate career [4:18]
  • When Jess decided to transition into coaching [5:49]
  • A sign that you’re a burned-out real estate agent [7:09]
  • The single decision that Courtney attributes his success to [10:00]
  • Identifying and staying in the right lane [14:26]
  • Focusing on the end result and planning properly [17:41]
  • What sets The Listing Lab apart from other programs [21:51]
  • Building a roadmap for success [23:27]
  • The power of journaling [26:30]
  • Prioritizing tasks based on your energy levels [28:17]
  • Planning a three-year vision and measuring success [32:59]
  • How to follow and connect with Jess Lenouvel [35:43]

Jess Lenouvel

Jess Lenouvel is an author, speaker, media contributor, and Founder of The Listings Lab. A real estate marketing and business scaling vanguard, she made the decision to stop selling after 13 years in the business and help agents create scalable, sustainable businesses by creating relationships at scale. The Listings Lab was founded in 2018 and Jess and her team have showed over 20,000 agents how to build scalable, sustainable businesses for the digital era that don’t require a choice between lifestyle and financial freedom.

A sought-after media expert on real estate marketing, Jess and The Listings Lab method have been featured in Forbes and Entrepreneur and she has spoken at the Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Sales Convention for 55,000 agents.

When she isn’t helping agents grow their business across the company’s three programs, she’s probably snuggling up with a cat, eating peanut butter, and watching a British crime drama.

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