1011: Adding Value in Real Estate with Ashley Oakes-Lazosky

January 3, 2022

Running a successful real estate business requires more than just a license; it requires effort and education. Realtors must master their craft in order to make it, which is what today’s guest, Ashley Oakes-Lazosky, instills in her agents. Listen and learn what you can do to add value for your clients, your team, and other agents on this Real Estate Rockstars.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • About 1st Class Real Estate [1:18]
  • Ashley’s start in real estate [1:31]
  • What splits were like back in the early 2000s [5:00]
  • What selling new construction was like during the real estate boom [5:57]
  • Why agents must add value [8:54]
  • Questions to ask before buying a new-construction home [11:30]
  • Getting started with short sales [13:03]
  • How to get an offer accepted right now [16:47]
  • Ashley’s advice for new agents [18:25]
  • Examples of ways for brokers to give agents value [28:08]
  • Selling Las Vegas real estate in the summer of 2021 [29:30]
  • What contributed to Ashley’s success in 2021 [35:13]
  • Where to start with social media marketing [39:10]
  • Ashley’s donation to the Agent Success Toolbox [42:02]
  • How to reach out to Ashley Oakes-Lazosky [44:36]

Ashley Oakes-Lazosky

Ashley Oakes-Lazosky is a licensed real estate broker, and she owns and operates her own real estate company, called Vegas Homes & Fine Estates. With almost 10 years in the industry, she can now be considered an experienced real estate veteran in the Las Vegas market, selling many homes consistently year after year. Ashley’s extensive experience with short sales and REOs can make me an invaluable asset to a buyer looking for their new home. When buying a home in this competitive market you need an experienced buyer’s agent, her skills are second to none. She is always available to her clients, never too late to answer a call or respond to an email. Ashley is young, energetic, and extremely passionate about working tirelessly in the real estate business, on behalf of her clients. She is the exact type of agent you need when homes are selling in minutes with multiple offers! Her services extend beyond the closing table, and she gives her clients a wealth of resources with her “preferred vendor” list that she makes sure all of her buyers receive. Selling homes in both luxury all the way down to 1-bedroom condos, Ashley treats all her clients like royalty. She always serves her clients’ best interests and ensure she gets the job done right.

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