Best Real Estate Podcasts of April 2022

May 1, 2022

Hear about “The Four Nobile Truths of Real Estate,” going from rental leases to homes sales, and more in this compilation of April’s best real estate podcasts. Guests share tips for making more money in real estate and react to real estate news.

1036: From Rental Leases to Real Estate Sales With Quentin Green

Jumping right into sales isn’t the only way to build a real estate business! Hear how to turn rental contracts into buyer clients in this interview between Elliot Hoyte and fellow 30 Under 30 Honoree Quentin Green. In addition to sharing what he did to 10X his business, Quentin covers how many contracts it takes to make six figures as a leasing agent in Chicago. Tune in and learn more about this unconventional approach to building a sales-based business.

1039: Breaking Out of the Agent Mindset With Matt Chick and Jeremy Fuhst

Real estate isn’t what it was just a few years ago. On today’s podcast with Matt Chick and Jeremy Fuhst, we discuss how giving sellers alternative options to a traditional listing can help them and help you in today’s housing market. We also share additional details on the upcoming mastermind in Austin, offer a few market predictions, and outline a proven way to prospect for private lenders.

1041: The Four Noble Truths of Real Estate With Aaron Novello

Aaron Novello joins us on today’s podcast to share “the four noble truths of real estate.” Tune in and find out how these revelations helped take Aaron from 17 to 100 deals per year. Aaron also covers the prospecting schedule and roleplay practices that turned him into a confident salesman, how to identify a seller’s actual objections, and the three rockstars you need on your team if you want to crush it in real estate.

SOTM 88: Buyer Beware – A Housing Bubble Is Brewing

A recent article released by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas suggests that a housing bubble may be brewing. On today’s State of the Market podcast, Aaron Amuchastegui analyzes this article and several others that point to a growing divergence between price appreciation and real estate market fundamentals. Aaron also discusses an increase in foreclosure activity and why he’s still investing in real estate.

1038: Building Relationships to Build a Better Business With Jonathan Spears

Hitting your growth goals is a whole lot easier with the right help. On today’s podcast with Jonathan Spears, one of the nation’s top Realtors by sales volume, we discuss how relationships can take a real estate business to the next level. We also explore Jonathan’s daily routine, offer additional information on our upcoming mastermind, and more!

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