1086: Why Reputation Is Everything in Real Estate With BryAnn Smith

October 6, 2022

Do you really need to take those late-night calls from clients? How much is too much when it comes to concessions? On today’s podcast with Rockstar Realtor BryAnn Smith, we discuss why reputation is everything when it comes to building a real estate business and generating referrals. Listen and learn how to get tough deals done while establishing your expertise in this competitive industry. BryAnn also offers several social media tips for real estate agents, covers the pitfalls of overpromising, and more.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • About BryAnn Smith [1:12]
  • Social media tips for real estate agents [2:50]
  • How social media has changed real estate [6:14]
  • Getting referrals from real estate agents you meet online [6:54]
  • “The great cleanse” and how to survive this market shift [8:16]
  • The Central Valley real estate market right now [11:37]
  • Bryann’s thoughts on virtual staging versus traditional staging [17:19]
  • Overpromising and underdelivering [18:59]
  • A quick tip on running comps right now [21:13]
  • Opinions on concessions and credits [26:00]
  • BryAnn’s worst escrow experience [31:12]
  • Sharing the tough situations to win new clients [33:12]
  • More tips and tricks for social media [34:45]
  • The snowball effect [40:45]
  • Where to find and follow BryAnn Smith [44:19]

BryAnn Smith

BryAnn was born and raised in Lemoore, CA. Her Real Estate career started when she worked as a Marketing Coordinator. Her love for Real Estate grew from the marketing behind it. She recognized how important the marketing can be for both buyers and sellers. Her natural talents and growing experience allows her to see homes through the buyer’s eyes, which she can use to market her seller’s homes to stand out of a wide range. Her extensive experience of marketing real estate properties and leveraging the latest technologies and techniques has set her apart from other agents in the area, and across the world. While others might try to imitate her techniques, she is constantly evolving her marketing plan which has yet to be matched. Her passion for her clients shines through her words and actions. BryAnn’s focus and main goal is to provide her clients with the simplest home buying or selling experience possible. She has strong community + professional connections in the Central Valley, and extensive knowledge about the area. Looking to buy your first home, investment property, forever home or wanting some top notch marketing to sell your home? BryAnn is your girl!

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