1085: RERR Highlights – The Best Real Estate Podcast Clips of September 2022

October 3, 2022

Catch last month’s best real estate podcast moments and discover what today’s top agents are doing to win business right now. Guests shared social media strategies, tips on task prioritization, and more. Aaron Amuchastegui also returned to host a live State of the Market episode. Don’t miss it!

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • How a psychology degree can help you in real estate [6:06]
  • Running your section of the market like a riverboat captain [8:04]
  • The solution to today’s biggest problem with mortgages [10:05]
  • How empathetic technology like Morgan helps agents provide exceptional client care [12:17]
  • Advice on building your audience your way [14:35]
  • The best thing about being in real estate [16:20]
  • Big opportunities with home builders [17:40]
  • Stephanie’s thoughts on the shift and strategies for agents [19:15]
  • How to keep your sellers happy [22:12]
  • The first deals Andrew got and how he got them [24:53]
  • Getting off of the real estate roller coaster via advertising [27:27]
  • How a brand-new agent made $250,000 from one Facebook group in one year [28:05]
  • A sign that you’re a burned out real estate agent [29:20]
  • Prioritizing tasks based on your energy levels [32:10]
  • The problem with popular lead-gen activities [34:30]
  • Patrick Kilner’s advice for new real estate agents [36:37]
  • Setting yourself up for success with systems [38:50]
  • How to set goals by visualizing your future self [40:29]

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