1213: Sell $11M/Year in Real Estate by Farming YOUR Neighborhood – Caitlyn Blosser

February 8, 2024

Today’s guest, Caitlyn Blosser, gets 100 percent of her real estate business from SOI and referrals. She joins us on this Real Estate Rockstars podcast to share how. Listen and learn the easy way to love on past clients, how to farm your neighborhood, and what it takes to enjoy a long, successful real estate career. Shelby and Caitlyn also discuss the best gifting services for Realtors, the key to long-term real estate success, and low-cost events that your contacts will love.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • What you’ll learn in today’s Real Estate Rockstars Podcast [0:00]
  • How Caitlyn Blosser built her real estate business [1:46]
  • Service: The key to real estate success [15:56]
  • How to farm the neighborhood you live in [18:30]
  • A way to get your neighbors’ phone numbers [27:45]
  • Ways to love on past clients [29:17]
  • A low-cost service that completely replaces pop-by touches [30:29]
  • Hosting real estate events at your house [35:35]
  • SignUpGenius [40:27]
  • Thinking about what you would want when considering client events [43:36]
  • Client Giant for quarterly gifts [47:39]
  • Cold plunging: better than any cup of coffee [51:44]
  • Practicing gratitude [53:48]
  • Real estate events on Caitlyn Blosser’s radar [54:53]
  • How to help Caitlyn and where to follow her [55:45]

Caitlyn Blosser

Caitlyn Blosser is a top producing solo agent in Northeast Florida ranking among the top 5% in the area and 1% at her brokerage Momentum Realty. She focused her business on networking within her sphere and client obsession resulting in a business derived solely from referrals. Before becoming a realtor, Caitlyn was a teacher. She uses her passion for learning and education to continually teach her sphere and clients about real estate through social media. Caitlyn leverages companies to standardize the traditional pop-bys to past clients and instead focuses on hosting client appreciation events and neighborhood events throughout the year. Having 2 kids under 2 in 2021, she has mastered how to align her business with who she is authentically.

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-Aaron Amuchastegui

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