1212: How to Rank #1 for Real Estate Searches on Google With Holly Meyer Lucas

February 5, 2024

Get more real estate leads without spending more money! On today’s podcast with Holly Meyer Lucas, we discuss why all real estate agents should create a Google Business Profile. In addition to explaining the whys of building a business profile, we cover the hows, like how to set it up in order to put your business in front of as many potential clients as possible. Later in the show, Shelby and Holly talk about what to hire out and when, offer social media advice for Realtors, and more. Don’t miss it!

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • What real estate agents need to know about Google Business Profiles [1:46]
  • How to set up a Google Business Profile [3:56]
  • The power of Google Business Profile reviews [5:28]
  • What to add to your Google Business Profile [6:50]
  • A huge mistake real estate agents make with websites [7:08]
  • More quick tips on Google reviews [9:09]
  • Configuring your business hours for more potential contacts [13:50]
  • Why you NEED a website for your real estate business [15:50]
  • Adding a Q&A section to your business profile [27:17]
  • How to bring real estate leads in from your business profile [28:23]
  • A sign that it’s time to hire some help [30:48]
  • Tips on making the right hires the first time [32:06]
  • An overview of local paid ads on Google [35:25]
  • How much business Holly gets from her Google Business Profile [40:32]
  • How to generate hype for your business with Hype Boss [44:23]
  • The first step in hiring help with marketing [49:02]
  • Why you shouldn’t use filters on social media [52:13]
  • Where to find and follow Holly Meyer Lucas [56:27]

Holly Meyer Lucas

Holly Meyer Lucas is an award winning real estate leader, speaker, and mentor. She is recognized as an expert in the Sports & Entertainment real estate space and is frequently featured across the country for her work with professional athletes and their families. She is the founder and team leader of the acclaimed Meyer Lucas Team in the Jupiter area of Palm Beach County Florida, and owns several other businesses including a real estate training school, a marketing business, and home renovation business. She is a boy mom, a baseball wife, and a local influencer.

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