680: Stop Deals from Falling Through with Tips from Home Inspector Preston Sandlin

July 23, 2018

Don’t let bad inspection reports cause your real estate deals to fall through! Listen to today’s podcast with home inspector Preston Sandlin for tips on handling the inspection process from both sides of the deal. He also argues the value of pre listing inspections for sellers and explains how agents can leverage inspections for leads from serious buyers. Plus, Preston shares what agents should and shouldn’t do during an inspection, ways to offset the cost of pre listing inspections, and more.


Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Preston’s brief bio [3:15]
  • The biggest reasons why real estate deals fall through [4:10]
  • The benefits of a pre listing inspection [5:24]
  • Ways to offset the cost of a prelisting inspection [6:43]
  • How to generate buyer leads with pre listing inspections [11:35]
  • The weirdest things Preston has seen during inspections [16:05]
  • What not to do during an inspection [17:27]
  • The conversation to have with clients prior to an inspection [19:17]
  • Information you need to better serve your clients [21:06]
  • Preston’s donation to the Agent Success Toolbox [32:56]
  • How to break through your goals.
  • Plus so much more.

Preston Sandlin

Preston has been supporting the community for over 20 years. Preston a licensed home inspector, and Meg have created a company with one focus in mind, Customer Service! “Provide the customer with the best home inspection experience and the most knowledgeable home inspectors and the rest will fall into place.” With Customer service as the #1 focus has changes the home inspection industry.

Preston has created additional training that is required by all Home Inspection Carolina inspectors. To ensure, not only informative but educational reports from over 25 inspectors. “Purchasing a home is the single most important investment of your life, and we are here to help you through that process.”

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