679: Maintain a 70 Percent Profit Margin by Staying Solo in Real Estate with John Mentis

July 20, 2018

Why split real estate profits with a team when you can keep them all for yourself? Today’s guest, solo agent John Mentis, doesn’t split his commissions with a team or even pay for an assistant’s help. John does everything from lead generation to record keeping himself and has a highly profitable business as a result. On today’s show, John explains how he maintains a profit margin upwards of 70 percent while selling over $22 million in volume per year. He covers everything from getting clients to staying organized so that solo agents listening know what they need to do in order to succeed on their own.

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Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • John’s brief bio [2:32]
  • John’s profit margin [3:25]
  • Where John gets most of his business [4:08]
  • Ways to stay in touch with your SOI [5:00]
  • How John keeps track of his business details [8:30]
  • Why John still uses Skype to communicate with clients [9:37]
  • How John handles low co-op commissions [12:54]
  • Ways to build trust and good relationships with clients [25:38]
  • Advice for new real estate agents [28:28]
  • Why you should never BS clients [33:46]
  • The importance of organization [36:39]
  • Mistakes John made that listeners can learn from [38:39]
  • John’s strategy for selling as many homes as possible in six months [45:39]
  • John’s donation to the Agent Success Toolbox [48:00]
  • How to break through your goals.
  • Plus so much more.

John Mentis

Efficiency and effectiveness are John’s cornerstones. Clients praise his excellent listening skills; He’s able to not only hear what you’re saying, but understand what you mean by it. A perfect fit for today’s busy buyer or seller, John understands the value of your time and use some of the latest technology to meet your needs. More than 80% of his business is with repeat clients and referrals from them.

Whether you’re a first timer or experienced buyer or seller, you’ll come to appreciate John’s experience, knowledge, flexibility, and sense of humor. After living in the District for more than a decade, he is now a resident of Northern Virginia; 80% of John’s business in Virginia, 20% in D.C. He knows both areas’ transportation, schools, and local government service, as well as restaurants and shopping. His goal for every client is to have them make an informed decision. About half of John’s business is with buyers and half is with sellers.

John has been recognized through the years by for achieving high levels of production both by their local industry (Northern Virginia Assn. of Realtors), Long & Foster Real Estate (Arlington office, northern Virginia/West Virginia region, company-wide), various area publications (Washingtonian magazine for example), and others (Zillow, Five Star Professionals).

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