607: Build a Failproof Real Estate Team with Dave Conord’s 5 Ps of Leadership

February 2, 2018

Most real estate teams fail. According to Long & Foster’s VP of Professional & Leadership Development, Dave Conord, poor leadership practices are often to blame. On today’s Real Estate Rockstars, Dave covers the 5 Ps – five items that every leader must consider in order to create a success-oriented business culture that inspires agents. If you have a team or plan on building one, the 5 Ps are exactly what you need to ensure that its foundation is failproof.


Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Dave’s brief bio [3:24]
  • What new agents should focus on [4:29]
  • The transition process after being acquired by Berkshire Hathaway [6:02]
  • The first P of effective leadership: principles [8:21]
  • Why knowing what your principles are is so important [11:53]
  • The second P of effective leadership: picture [13:30]
  • What happens when you lose vision as a leader [14:23]
  • The third P of effective leadership: purpose [16:20]
  • A goal that should guide your team-building efforts [16:53]
  • The fourth P of effective leadership: process [17:45]
  • The big difference between habits and systems [18:09]
  • How excellent real estate agents exceed expectations [20:37]
  • An elementary-school lesson that all leaders should learn [22:11]
  • The fifth P of effective leadership: people [27:12]
  • How to find the right fit easily with Dave’s Perfect Hire Checklist [28:55]
  • Where to find Dave’s contribution to the Agent Success Toolbox [32:23]
  • How to break through your goals.
  • Plus so much more.

Dave Conord

Dave helps companies and entrepreneurs clarify their values, vision, and mission, understand their current reality, prioritize actions, and build the best strategy to achieve outstanding results in growth, profit, and environment. Or… Helping you do the stuff you know you need to do but don’t know how, so you can break through that ceiling from meh to amazing.

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