714: Turn Clients into Good Friends and Great Referral Sources with Denae Judd

October 10, 2018

The biggest mistake agents make doesn’t occur before or even during real estate transactions. It happens once the deal is done. Instead of taking the time to turn good clients into good friends, most agents simply move on. Unfortunately for them, so do the clients. On today’s Real Estate Rockstars, Denae Judd explains how she connects with clients after closing. Pay attention because what she’s doing works. Denae’s past clients bring her hundreds of thousands of dollars in repeat and referral business. If you put her practices to use, yours will too!


Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Denae’s brief bio [2:40]
  • Why technology won’t replace real estate agents [5:05]
  • The number of homes Denae sold in the last 12 months [6:25]
  • Denae’s GCI and profit figures [6:42]
  • The correct way to run a real estate team [9:11]
  • What Denae did to make her team work financially [12:27]
  • The real estate tools and apps Denae relies on [17:45]
  • Where Denae gets her business [20:00]
  • Ways to build your sphere [25:20]
  • How to turn good clients into good friends [29:22]
  • The biggest complaint about agents [32:21]
  • Why Denae’s clients trust and love her [33:26]
  • Denae’s thoughts on low co-op commissions [35:17]
  • Why Denae turns down listings [38:17]
  • Denae’s donation to the Agent Success Toolbox [39:55]
  • How to break through your goals.
  • Plus so much more.

Denae Judd

Bringing a wealth of knowledge, networking connections, design and investment resources, as well as coaching and training experience, Danae’s goal has always been to help any family with any need as she delivers on their innovative approach to handling any situation. Their team of four full-time real estate agents, client communications coordinator and marketing specialist is committed to serving client needs.

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