1070: The ABCs of Building a Real Estate Business – Dennis Folk

August 8, 2022

Dennis Folk became a real estate agent at age 19 and thrived through one of the toughest markets in recent history. Now, he runs a highly successful, fast-growing real estate firm in Washington state. On today’s podcast, he covers what new agents need to win deals, when to take your business to the next level, and how to train and retain real estate agents. Whether you’re looking to get tips on finding your first client or hoping to start your first team, the advice that Dennis shares in this interview will help you hit your business goals.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • About Dennis Folk and Terrafin Real Estate [3:38]
  • The challenges that new real estate agents face [7:04]
  • Dennis’ first few years as a Realtor [11:25]
  • Becoming an expert on experts [12:48]
  • Early lessons that led to exponential growth in real estate [13:50]
  • Dennis’ sales and systems for team members [15:28]
  • The value of grab-and-go marketing [18:10]
  • Giving agents the option to hire their own transaction coordinator [19:38]
  • The best way to grow your market share [20:55]
  • Having the hard conversations with sellers ahead of time [23:08]
  • How to handle disagreements with sellers on list price [28:13]
  • What to do with time-wasting clients [29:03]
  • Identifying the right people for your team when hiring real estate agents [31:56]
  • Ways to train your new real estate agents [34:38]
  • What it really takes to be a great real estate agent [36:07]
  • Key tasks to commit to as a new real estate agent [38:54]
  • Dennis’ alternative to cold calling [42:06]
  • A study that shows real estate marketing really matters [44:50]
  • Any listing, any time: a strategy for new agents [47:13]
  • Why you shouldn’t write off people who aren’t ready to buy or sell [50:20]
  • A great app for keeping track of tasks: Todoist [54:12]
  • Why follow-up is so important in the real estate industry [57:12]
  • One of the biggest referral sources [58:31]
  • Where to find and follow Dennis Folk [1:02:43]

Dennis Folk

As the designated broker at Terrafin, Dennis Folk has been involved in hundreds of real estate transactions in the Northwest. These have covered all price ranges and styles and stretch across Pierce, King, and Thurston Counties and beyond. As with Terrafin as a whole, Dennis’ passion lies with the South Sound region.

He and his young family make their home here and he knows the area like few others can claim. From the local builders and developers to the neighbors, business owners, and community leaders, he has a direct line to the heart of the community. If there is an interesting opportunity out there for you, Dennis knows about it before anyone else and you will be the first to hear.

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